New & just finished my first run!

Hello everyone! I'm Laura, 29, and recently very aware of my low level of fitness.

I have tried running before but found it difficult so I thought I'd give Couch 2 5K a go! After some encouragement from my friend Mel, I finally went and completed the first run, Week 1, in the rain today... and felt pretty good about it.

My main problem is my motivation, actually getting outside, especially when I've had a long day at work.

Reading some posts on here is making me feel much more optimistic. Nice to meet you all, lets see if I can do it!


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8 Replies

  • Welcome to my lovely Laura, my first C25k convert!! The people here (and also the Lovely Laura who lives in the podcast) are amazing and inspirational, they will look after you. And I won't let motivation be a problem for you, you can be sure of it!! 😝

  • Hi and welcome.. and well done for starting this.

    The motivation is right here.. we will support, encourage sympathise, empathise.. and even give you a gentle shove if needed :)

    Slow and steady is the way, and you will hear that so many times. Loads of folk run after work, and they will give you advice too!

    Old retired folk like me will tell you to get up really early and run, as it sets you up for the day :) But, I know that isn't always feasible :)

    Follow the programme carefully, take your rest days and run this journey.. your way !

    Keep posting too.. that will keep you going!

  • Never use a hard day at work as an excuse...that's my tip! You owe it to yourself to get out there and I know that however tired I might feel when I get back from work, once I'm on that run, the energy comes from somewhere! Also, take your time and if you find the going tough, slow it right down. You have taken one of the hardest steps by getting out there, so well done!🙂 Good luck with your next run and let us all know how it goes.🙂

  • A hard day's work is very easily forgotten by a 'bit of a run'. You can do it !

  • Well done

    You get to the stage where you don't want to let the group down and they give you great encouragement and tips

  • Ah hard days at work. I will tell you something, bit of a secret I worked out myself.


    You come home from work, preferably have a banana or something, take a break, change and head straight out. Finish your run and have a hot shower!


    I can guarantee, you will retire for the night like a baby around a cosy blanket. :D A wholesome sleep for sure!

  • Hi and welcome. Well done for starting out there. I've actually found that when I run after work they are the better ones. I'd expected my legs to be really tired having been on them for hours and then running once I got home, and they may take a few minutes more to get into a rhythm but on the whole they have even been better than when I've gone out on non work days! Good luck for the next run, you can do this x

  • Hi and welcome. I'm quite new to this too - just finished week 3 - and I must say the encouragement and advice on this forum is fantastic. I have a tip for those pesky after-work runs. I take my running gear to work with me, and ten minutes before home time I nip to the ladies and change into my jogging kit and trainers and then drive home BUT crucially, I do not open the front door! I head off for my walk/jog and feel really smug when eventually I do get back home. :-)

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