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Week 5 done.. eventually!

Manage to complete week 5, slowly but did the whole 20. Two/three weeks behind due to illness & looking like I have reverse measles (pink face white splotches!) I'm tired but so glad i did it. Thanks for continuing to motivate. This is a great community, hope everyone's run went okay.

Ps. Anyone else talk to Michael Johnson when you reach halfway & you think you've been going much longer?!

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Go you!


I talk to the voices in my head all the time:)

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Talking? There's some swearing, sometimes...

Well done! Keep going x


Very well done - great achievement!

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Yay 😊 well done ... deffo with you on the talking 😂 I find myself begging Jo Whiley..... "Come on Jo talk to me Tell me to slow down n walk" 😬😂


I get excited when Michael Johnson comes on near the end.. there's usually 60 seconds to go.. but I always think it's gonna be a "yeeeeessss" & I can start to walk!


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