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Couch to 5K
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2nd time for C25K

I did the C25k about 3 years ago and managed to get to run for around the 20 minute mark then for some reason in the middle of it (I have no idea why) I just stopped which was so stupid because I had lost 2.5stone along with dieting as well, I looked a lot better and I felt great, I have piled on the weight again plus an extra 5lb on top, I started again a couple of weeks ago and did what I did last time doing each week twice, which for me was better, this time however I have suffered very very painful Shins and the Achilles Tendon on my left foot is quite tender, I have only got as far as Week 1 Run 1 for the second week on the 24th August and I have stopped again for no reason, I know my legs were quite painful but as I got into the swing of each run they eased off and felt better although I suffered the following day, I seem to be self sabotaging for some reason, I would love to have someone to run with who is starting out as well to help keep me going but its difficult to find someone local and struggles as I am and doesn't mind if I can't keep up, I need to get fit for my hols next year to Australia as there is a lot to do, any ideas would be appreciated, I know motivation is what I need and obviously my holiday isn't enough to swing it

Thanks In Advance

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Being overweight and inactive can lead to a vast range of life limiting conditions, from diabetes to heart disease. As you age your risk increases and trying to become active gets harder and harder. Start now while you can.

Follow the plan, develop the exercise habit and you can transform your health prospects as physical and mental health. Only you can provide the motivation. Only you can make you do this and only you will stop you. It's your decision.


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