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Week 1 Run 2 - Better but not good

W1R1 I barely managed a single 60 second run. Today 4-5 runs. Feeling pleased and annoyed at the same time.

But improvement encourages and ... so long as it keeps getting better!!

Thanks for the tips, a much slower pace helped in the run sections - meant that the legs were not getting hammered as much. Looking forward to tomorrow's rest day but also to W1R3.

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Well done... keep it slow and steady, try to relax and land lightly.... it is important at this stage to just go with your runs gently and enjoy them.

Every single run is making you stronger.. the legs, the stamina and the strength are all developing. :)

Put a bit of extra non impact exercise into your rest day too if possible..it all helps :)

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Richard, I don't know how old you are, but you are definitely not as young as you used to be. So just take it slow. All runners have to accept that they are where they are regarding fitness levels and follow a plan to improve. You have C25K on your side, so you can't go wrong.

Just keep repeating the runs you don't complete and very soon you will be ready to move on. There is no rush. You are in control.


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