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Post graduation, let off the lead

My first week of running without the encouraging tones of Mr Johnson is now complete. That was quite an experience, totally unstructured, completely out of my comfort zone but totally rewarding! Run 1 has been mentioned in an earlier post where I said how my timings were out and I alluded to be a little lost with how to go about things. I ordered a Garmin Forerunner 10 (50 quid on eBay) which a number of you fine folks have mentioned as a decent little starter watch for running but this wasn't due to arrive until Thursday (my next run was due on Wednesday). So up and at 'em on Wednesday. My arm band decided to muck me about, my earphone cables decided to muck me about, I managed to press the wrong buttons for Strava and my music went haywire. All before I got out of the front door!! A new route was mapped in my head, distance wasn't important but around 4kish, finally out of the front door the lightning bolts in the direction I was intending to go put the kybosh on that! I made up a route as I went, in the opposite direction to the lightning!) and by the time I'd finished at 23 minutes and 3km I was a might frustrated, one of those bad runs I've read about but hadn't experienced until that point.

Fast forward to this morning. New runner's watch strapped on, music playlist blasting and the route I'd originally planned for Wednesday available. It turns out that the route was bang on 4k, I covered it in 25:51 with pb's for km, mile, 2 miles. The watch definitely helped though I did go a bit too quick to start with as I was watching the distance and time a little too much and getting carried away with the novelty of it. I eventually settled into a decent rhythm, still lots to learn but getting there. The post C25K app world is looking rosy, like my sweaty face!, MJ's dulcet tones weren't missed too much though I might add the odd geeing up message into my playlist!

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So would you recommend the Garmin watch then?


Take things steady. Your time there was way fast. Look after your les. There's a long way to go!

The C25k + podcasts are excellent. Bit weird at first but they kick some serious ass, but in a controlled way of course ๐Ÿ˜

Free running with just your fave tunes is lovely๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿƒโœ”๏ธ๐Ÿ™‚


I would, it's an entry level device but very easy to use and doesn't over complicate things.


ok Ill check it out thanks


Ha, I think we runners need a course in how to work our technology! I'm still trying to sync my MP3 player with my phone.


Ooh loa, how do we splice Mr Smooth in, that's what I need to do. ...

All those pbs too, that's a great way into your new post grad running life

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