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Week 9 run 1 didn't choose the best time to go out

Last week and chose a bad day. Sunday mid morning.. Very sunny..lots of people out.. Decided to try a different route and it wasn't a good choice. I thought ten mins in that I wasn't going to be able to do but hip hip hooray I did it. Why did 30 mins seem so much longer than 28???? It was that monkey on my shoulder telling me to stop cos I'd never be able to do it. Music wasn't great though. Anyone know of where I can get some decent running music. any apps?? Thank you my running friends

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Congrats! Tomorrow is my first run of Week 9 and I'm a little apprehensive but I'm going to get out there and do my best. Keep going!!


Good luck for that run. Just downloaded c25k plus for when I finish this week


Awesome :) I should do the same! I just finished my first week 9 run today and while I didn't make it the full 5K, I *did* make it the whole 30 minutes!


I did W9R1 this morning and found it really hard too. I think the heat really affected me, I like a cool breeze or even a bit of rain! I felt really good in week 8. Oh well, it's only the first of three and we did it :-)

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Well done you. Y does it say your a graduate? Have you revisited the plan ? Run two tmrw for me. I think my other problem was there were so many people about. Found that hard. But I suppose I should be proud x


Well done m'dear, I'm tackling the same run tomorrow. Can't believe w9 is here already. Almost there now. Good luck with r2 x


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