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First proper run since graduation - and the best yet

I was really encouraged by my run today. I decided I didn't want to run to music (nor to think about time), though I wasn't ready to go completely 'naked' yet. (Those monkeys are still too close at hand to not have some sort of distraction.) I found 2 episodes of Radio 4's Ramblings on my iPod so I decided to listen to one of those. Suffice to say I ended up listening to both!

I, surprisingly, found it much easier to get into a rhythm when not listening to music. I haven't been consciously running to the beat of the music, but I would imagine you speed up or slow down automatically depending on what you're listening to. With no music I felt I was doing what came naturally much more.

Anyway, I enjoyed this run more than any other, so much so that I ran for just shy of 4K (my longest run yet) and only stopped then because the search party would have arrived if I'd been out any longer. I think I finally felt the buzz today!

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That sounds like a runner who is going to enjoy the freedom from Laura's regime. Forgetting about time and distance can deliver sheer joy of running, even though I think that targets are also helpful, post graduation.

Keep running, keep smiling.


Thanks IT, yes I've decided targets can wait until after Christmas - just going to have fun until then (and, hopefully, afterwards too!).


That's good to hear. I've been thinking about what to listen to now that Laura has got me this far. Had thought about podcasts or an audio book but not sure if I'll miss the rhythm of the music. I'll download something and try it next time. Glad to hear it worked for you.


Well done, sometimes it's really nice to just get out there and run, no gadgets not time or distance in mind just you your thoughts and the sound of your own feet :)


Brill Hennith! Thats great that you have found what suits you - i run to a talk/ music show podcast and really enjoy it. I have also been thinking about books on tape podcasts as an option...

hope you keep enjoying them as much as the last run!


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