The route of the Beast!!

The route of the Beast!!

Well thats what I am christening tonights route and not because It was particularly tough. A good enjoyable workout and my first over 5k run since the ankle problem, also my first evening run completed in daylight and dry weather too. As some of you know I usually listen to rock music while running and tonights playlist was a selection of Iron Maiden classics. Run to the Hills, Fear of the Dark, The Trooper etc etc. Well anyway the tune playing as I completed the route was "The Number of the Beast" now I may be a sad old rocker but not even I would name a route after a piece of music, no matter how classic the track. But look at the distance of the route.......

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  • That's brilliant, you couldn't make that up!  Great taste in music by the way 😀

  • Ha ha , thats spooky ! 

    Well done Andy xxx

  • Oooh - spooky! But at least it wasn't dark!

    Funny how music sometimes just fits. I remember running a few years ago at dawn to Falco's "out of the dark .... Into the light". Was weird when I realised!

  • Go you Big Andy!!!! Wow...!

  • It was obviously meant to be. What a wonderful run! 

    (I was plodding to 'Run to the Hills' earlier- run for your li-i-ife :) )

  • Lol. 

    Running Free.

  • Brilliant! I live in Aylestone and will have to give that one a go once I get over my foot injury. Well done for getting back to business. 

  • Oh, and having seen the route I think the name is definitely apt. 

  • Satisfyingly neat!

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