week 9 - what a journey!

So this week has been my last week on the C25k programme and it has been a mixed bag of emotions for several reasons.

W9R1 was last Friday - it was a beautiful morning with bit of autumnal mist and the promise of a sunny day. I started on my usual route along the lane and back which I usually do 3 times in the 28 mins of week 8. My plan was to do the same this week and just see how much further 30 mins took me. However last Friday I met a dog walker at the end of the lane (I don't usually see a soul) and didn't want to be running back past him several times so decided to venture out of the lane and up the hill that takes me back to the main road. It felt strangely free to be out of the lane and gave me an unexpected spurge of energy. Eventually I reached the main road and was rewarded by a gentle downhill slope - I so enjoyed running this stretch and was lost in my own world forgetting where I was when I heard a car toot! It was my ex-husband who always used to laugh at me anytime I tried to run with the children (one of the reasons for closet running in the lane I have since reflected). I was horrified at being spotted but remembered the Madagascar film so "smiled and waved!". When I finished my run that day I was on such a high because I had conquered many fears and to boot managed to run 4.7km :)

Tuesday was W9R2 which started well and I was keen to top my previous run. However, my mojo had diminished and the run was tough (partly due to a very sociable weekend I'm sure). I did a similar route as Friday so exposed myself to the main road and still enjoyed the down hill stretch but was disappointed that I did 4.5km in the 30mins. After having a shower and driving to work I talked myself out of my disappointment and reminded myself of some of the things all you wise people have said about it doesn't matter about the distance and building the strength and stamina is what is important.

So, this morning - graduation run! I started with the mindset of knowing that I have worked hard to get here and that I need to enjoy today :) Oh crumbs, did I enjoy it! I had a stupid grin on my face the whole time and even the tough bits seemed to be easier today. I free wheeled down the main road and 30mins wasn't quite up by the time I finished. I crossed the road and went along another lane until Jo told me that I could slow down. I did slow down although felt I could have continued and map my run told me that I have covered 4.9km. I am ecstatic! I'm a graduate! I'm a runner! I can run anywhere and be seen running!!!

Park runs here I come :)

Thank you everyone for all your support, words of wisdom and kindness.


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  • Well done, congratulations! :)

  • Blooming marvellous, btw you were a runner a little while ago and it's great that you are happy now to be seen! I am astonished at how many of us would prefer to be running in camouflage gear so no-one sees us, or at least thats how a lot of us start out.

    Fantastic achievement, space on the podium cleared for reluctance to take a bow.... Just great stuff, Happy Tuesday! :)

  • Ha, thanks Jan. I plan to make a park run one of my 3 runs a week so will be properly public then!! Fab to be on the podium next to you as your stories have definitely kept me going :)

    I have seen this question many times but not taken any notice of the answer - how to I get my graduation badge?

  • healthunlocked.com/couchto5...

    It happens really quickly too....

    Brilliant stuff

  • Well done. Each run is different, and you are right about building your stamina. Keep up the consistency and you will continue to improve.

    It is a strange period after graduation with no programme to run to, but you will soon find your own way. A park run is a great place to start.

  • Thank you. I am definitely going to keep running 3 times a week - I know how hard it is to get there I don't want to lose it!

  • completerunner-online.com/s...

    Check this out think I have to have one...

  • Wow, definitely neeeed one of those! Will order in prep for park run πŸ˜‰

  • Fantastic...Reluctancetowayoflife πŸ˜„....

    Congratulations Runner on a brilliant Graduation run.πŸŽ‰, πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰πŸŽŠ

    Well done you and it sounds like you have truly got this running thing nailed...πŸ’ͺβœ‹πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘

    New route, new distances, new badge new horizons. Hope you Happy dance all day😊x

  • I really did! 😊 I was telling everyone I could that I was a graduate!

  • Well done on graduating smile all day and enjoy the moment for as long as you want. To get your badge click on pinned posts and look for August Graduates and tell admin you have done it and it should magically appear

  • Thank you 😊

  • Well done, well done ... congratulations!

    Lovely post, I felt I was out there with you.

    Definitely do Parkrun, running with others will see you through to the end. Everyone is welcoming and supportive, I know you'll enjoy it.

    Good luck and happy running!

  • Thank you. We're away this weekend otherwise I'd do Park run Saturday. I'm looking forward to doing one on 2nd September though. Just found out today that the organisation I work for does an annual fun run in the Spring that I've also signed up for....motivation to keep going through the winter 😊

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