Week 9 Run 1...Sneaky little incline!

Well, having planned the route, at least a hundred times and even dreamt about it... I finally started Week 9 this morning.

Brighter this morning with a hint of mist, just clearing; the sky was beginning to brighten as I headed out. I intended to do a route I took at the beginning of the programme, ( nostalgia maybe), but with a new added route at the end; so headed into the village, past the station and past Rookery wood. I am afraid the rooks were still asleep this morning as I made my way uphill to the bridle path. Quite quiet and still , with only the distant sound of the train to disturb the morning.

This hill is not steep, but long and I always travel up here very slowly and steadily.

As I was doing the extra two minute of running... I thought I would do them straight away in case I was too tired at the end of the run, so I did them on this bit...( well my husband thought that was funny, ;) )

I made the Bridle path only puffing slightly, and did a circuitous route around the little steam railway station and then headed back down the hill and along the Old Road, where I had the spooky sensations last time I ran this way. All calm this morning and no hidden presence, the run along here was enjoyable... except.... the road actually seemed to go upwards! I never noticed this before, and it does not appear to be going downhill when I run the other way... does the road know I am coming and deliberately raise itself? So many roads I always thought were flat.. are not!!!! Took a little bit of will power to steady my pace and just keep on going.

Turned and cut through the small estate down by the Primary school; too early for the children here, but I could hear the Seniors getting off their school buses, their voices shrill and laughing across the playing fields. Still going strong, but unable to get any helpful inspirational words or thoughts in my head.. just a mantra of, right foot, left foot, you can do this! Headed down to the main road in the village. downhill now... finally...!

My timings were a bit out, so I had to negotiate the small tide of High School children surging up the hill...all cheerful. all smiling, chattering and bouncing along... whilst heading upwards!!!! How I envy them!

I reached the main road through the village and having run a couple of minute longer than the thirty.. . (sorry Laura.. but I was so excited to be running down something) , I did my five minute walk along to my turn for home. yes.. that is uphill too!

Week 9 Run 1... done. Two to go....

Maybe I could find an old airfield to run on :)


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12 Replies

  • Oh those cheeky roads... they just wait for you to approach them and then start rising ;)

    Sounds like a lovely run, well done - only two left and then... celebration!!!


  • So true! Thanks for that.. gonna' hang on in there..!

  • Roads ey! Tsk

    I was thinking about running on the total flat this morning as I ummed and aahed about where I'd like to run my 5k, and I ruled out two totally flat possibilities on the basis that there were no downhills. You can't please some folk can you! Ha ha

  • Maybe you could transport the flats up here... I could manage.. as long as there was no 'up' involved! :)

  • Excellent job! Those sneaky little inclines can really take you by surprise can't they :D But you did it! And with an extra couple of minutes too. I wait with bated breath to hear about your next two runs :)

  • Well don't bate your breath for too long...:) The fact is, they do take you by surprise...! Should be okay... the two minutes were a fluke! Thanks!

  • Well done - you did it! All downhill from here...so to speak!

  • I did.. thank you! Yes.. all downhill if I have the next two routes planned properly!

  • Good report floss, well done! nearly there... runnersworld.co.uk/general/...

  • Thanks! Sooooo close! :)

  • Perhaps someone blessed you with the old Gaelic blessing "May the road rise up to meet you...". Well done, not long now. Excellent stuff.

  • Thanks...not long....! Actually.. I carry that blessing card in my wallet... maybe you are right!

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