Don't call me a runner!

Hello all

I just completed week 5 run 3, I ran for 20 minutes, well more a very slow shuffle, based on my speed it would take me 55 minutes to run 5k. Now why does week 6 resort back to intervals?

I currently have a bit of a tight hamstring, but it is getting better, I felt it get tighter at the 10 minute mark, but I wanted to finish the 20 minutes. I think the one thing I notice the most from weeks 1 and 2 is, I recover very quickly and feel I could go again, I'm not going to! I also wear a fitbit charge 2 and it stated my bpm were 170 (100%). Sunday the beginning of week 6.



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18 Replies

  • I believe it is to build your stamina for the longer runs. Trust the program - it really works!

  • also half way through the podcast, one of the songs begins with the line" I've got both feet on the ground" that was how I felt!!

  • I've found some runs are really hard, and others relatively easy...strange how it works. Haha, I'd have wanted to jump when they sang that!

  • haha!

  • Well done. That's my next run and I've put it off so hopefully tonight or tomorrow. Need to get my mojo back

  • A surprising number of people come unstuck at W6R1...not quite sure why... If your "shuffle" involves having both feet off the ground at some point, then you ARE a runner, maybe not Mo Farah, but still a runner.

    I think we should start a slow runner club on here; I would definitely be up for it! My first twenty minutes were a similar pace - could have walked faster! Be very proud that you can run that long. You are doing great! ☺

  • When I did my park run shuffle last week I couldn't keep up with dog walking man. I ran more than the previous one and finished 50 seconds slower 😂😂😂💨

  • So tomorrow I am promoted to volunteer marshal.

  • I quite fancy tail-runner!

  • I don't yet...Not fast enough lol

  • I came in behind two walkers...

  • I walk at 3mph and run/jog/shuffle at 3.5mph

  • You run faster than you walk. I call that a success!

  • I'm at the same stage as you having just done this run first thing this morning. I'm also due to start week 6 on Sunday.

    I reckon speed is not the issue at the moment, it's just being able to do it!

    So a big well done!

  • Speed definitely not the issue. Have to agree that many people find wk 6 a bit harder than they had expected after the joy of 20mins, but you will be ready for it.

  • The first time I tried to work out my projected 5k time, it was over an hour! Do not worry how fast or slow you're going, you ran for TWENTY MINUTES!!! And that is awesome😊😊😊

  • Brill

    Don't get too hung up on times or pace at this stage - whatever time you do it in is better than sitting on the sofa!!!

    Trust that it works because many of us are living testament that it does

    I now run at least 5k three times a week with improving times every week so just keep with the program

    Well done


  • Yes, when I started Runkeeper told me I was running at nearly 11 minutes per KM. I got a bit faster, but not a huge amount, but I can keep going for long distances and that's what rocks my boat. I'm built for comfort not speed.

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