It's in the bag!!

Yesterday - Week 9 run 3 ... in the bag!!! Done and dusted. Started couch to 5k on the 3rd December last year, had some repeat weeks early on but as the programme went on, no repeats --- and no stoppages at all. So determined each time I set out to 'not stop' part way through ... as much of a mental challenge as anything, especially as the weeks progress. Final few yards yesterday was great as a group of people who were walking towards me said hi ... it was a local doctor I knew. His face was a picture!! He knows I've lost over eight stone. Did the Couch programme as a challenge to keep fit. The running has massively improved my stamina in my Rosemary Conley exercise classes. A few weeks ago ran round Ramsey Park in the Isle of Man, which was a nice change. Love the music in week 9 ... but may put my own music together. Nice to change routes from time to time ... going to explore Lancaster Canal in the next couple of weeks. A big thankyou to my mentor Debs who has given me words of encouragement ... when I thought I couldn't do certain weeks. Spread the word ... the programme is amazing. Now got my sister and niece doing the programme. Great to inspire others to join!

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  • Massive congratulations :D on C25K and the weight loss, don't forget to claim your badge!

  • Well done! Brilliant achievement to lose so much weight. Now keep running and it will never come back!

  • Congratulations! I've been recommending the program to a lot of people too :D

  • Congratulations and good on you motivating and inspiring others! :-)

  • Awesome you! Many congratulations upon graduating! Great that you are chivvying others to join too... Well done. As for the canal - super idea! I've a good mate who can't run (serious joint problems) but she is training to walk a marathon! So we've decided to walk the length of our local canal together...Basingstoke Canal has just over 30 miles of flat towpaths... So we're doing a bit each week. Makes a good cross-training session for my C25K rest days :)

  • Very well done on graduating and on the weight loss; just brilliant! :) Keep it up and you will never look back. Welcome to the Grad Club!

    Sue x

  • Thankyou x Just wondering ... how do I get the graduation badge? Not sure what to do. many thanks.

  • Well done on graduating...

    You can get your badge by sending a message to NHS_Choices_fitness_editor... Find him using this link.

    and then click SEND A MESSAGE

    You can tell the world using various clothing emblazoned with the C25K Graduate logo from myself using this link...

  • Many thanks.

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