Hello People!

I'm about to head off to sunny (rainy) Cornwall tomorrow with Mrs Dan to visit my in laws. I always take my lycra cat suit with me to prowl around the hills......hang on? Sorry. That sounded positively like an arrestable offence!!! I didn't mean it to. I meant I am bringing my running clobber with me to keep up my running regime.

Being an old Graduate with 4 years under my belt now, I still remember this forum with great fondness and for it's utter support of dudes and dudettes doing the PLAN. It really does work (I am living proof). I was 50 (and a few days) when I decided to start running and try and save my heart from being attacked by Middle Aged'dom. I couldn't run for a feckin bus - seriously! I remember W1R1 so clearly......running an entire 60 seconds damned near broke me! But I did the first day and returned home the colour of a beetroot but with such a feeling of accomplishment on my boat race. I remember showering after and thinking - "I just ran! I mean.....I JUST RAN!!!" It was brilliant.

I took each week with gusto, savouring Week 5 Run 3 and completing the 20 minutes that I NO WAY thought I could do. But Laura is a clever lass. She knows what she's talking abaaaaht!! I came unstuck on W6R1 though (as Rignold knows so well!). You go into Week 6 thinking "Yeah baby! I'm a runner, man! Yeah! I got this! Bring it on baby..."

And then failing like a schmuck when you gasp and spit and heave and generally FAIL! Treat it with respect people and the PLAN will look after you.

These days I run three to four times per week. Clocking around a weekly total of 25-30K at the moment (cos I am off work waiting for my next contract of work!) and I am loving it. Running brings mental peace for me. A time to be alone with or without your tunes, thinking about life, as you plod along one foot in front of the other. The endophine rush isn't an old wives tail. IT REALLY HAPPENS! (and not just because you've just seen one of the shapeliest bottoms EVER running in front of you in a pair of lycra capris either!!)

So Cornwall is hilly. I have run there many times. I will do so again and take on those leg shredding hills, like a man possessed! Stay tuned for run reports, for they shall tickle your fancy and twiddle with your funny muscles!

Go forth and run, thy RUNNEROOS! For the PLAN doth maketh us all!

Yer pal

Dan. X


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10 Replies

  • Oh yes those cornish hills can be harsh, but worth it for the coastal views.

    if we are going down the sexist route, personally i prefer the views of the life guards in budgie smugglers.

  • Hahaha!! Life guards? Yup. Budgie smugglers? Well... Each to their own, I suppose!

  • Hey Dan! Love your post- it cheered me up after struggling with W3 R1 today. Thank you. I'm off to Cornwall too for a week on Saturday. Camping. I'm gonna take my Hokas with me. Let's hope the weather gods and the running gods smile on us!

  • Good on you! Run 2 is a piece of cake. You'll smash it. I'll test Cornwall out for you and if it works I'll let you know.....

  • That's a very "Scarlet Pimpernel" pose Dan. You look as if you're about to challenge someone to a duel and you're ready to go ⚔

    Have a fab time in Cornwall. Are the locals ready for your Lycra cat suit? And, more importantly, can you post a picture please 😉

  • Hahahaha!!! The roads are so remote and empty, the best I can hope for is giving a local farmers wife a shock!!!!

  • Nah they're used to bulls 😳

  • What a fabulously encouraging post for novices like me! Hope you have a great time running in Cornwall.

  • Hi! Cool post. Enjoy those hills!

  • Enjoy your holiday and running in some *different* (hillier) scenery 😊..

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