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With the smell of dung and silage in my nostrils, the sun warming my body and the freshest country air money can buy, SuperDan, clad in lycra tights went tonking through the Cornish countryside with Father in Law panting breathlessly behind. F.I.L had insisted he join me on my sojourn and I have to say I was a bit worried that it might be too hard for him, as he only runs about twice a year and he's 70 years young! However, despite the loud heavy breathing emanating from his nostrils he kept 5 or so metres behind me for 2K. I was going like a snail, so as not to make it too difficult for him and when we reached this big downhill section he told me that he would wait by this gate and get his breath back while I went off down the hill. I left him and sauntered downwards then up the other side which worked out at 2.3K. I could have gone on longer but decided to turn back and rejoin him at the gate.

Up the hill I went, using my new method of bouncing on my front foot and springing up like a lamb! I reached the top only very slightly out of breath and we both set off homeward at walking pace. Before too long, F.I.L told me to go on ahead of him and he'd make his own way home at a suitable speed.

Off I tore, pleased to give these country lanes a bit of Dan Speed and I ran the next 2K in around 11 mins. Stretched, jumped in the shower and was out of it by the time Father In Law got back. It was a great run and I really enjoyed it,

What did I learn? That to go mega mega slow is such a good thing for me on the first couple of K's. I find it so hard to do that when I run on my own, as I tend to go fast all the time, but today it was far easier because F.I.L was my pace maker and to run the first K at 7'38 and the next at 7'45 was good discipline for me. I must remember that pace the next time I go out on my own, cos it don't half conserve energy!

Off out to a fancy restaurant this evening to celebrate Ma In Laws birthday. AND I can have the pudding tonight cos I burned a few calories this morning! Ha!

Tutty bye for now


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Well don f.i.l for running with you that is great! Nothing beat fresh countryside air - how I miss the smell. Can't complain today is perfect sun bathing weather in chile.

I love how ever run brings something different.


Sounds like a good run Dan, always good to go somewhere different. Its funny this speed thing, I find that I often need to slow down to get my breathing comfortable but when I do that my legs ache more than when I go faster! Why's that I wonder? Enjoy your fancy meal tonight. I've just had yummy apple crumble. I didn't run today so don't really deserve it but hey ho- life's too short and all that x ;-)


Jeez Dan. I'm in Cornwall this week on hols and finding those hills a struggle. You make it sound so easy :-)


I'm staying in Marehamchurch, near Bude by the way:- would definitely recommend the hills round here: there is a nice route I've found from marehamchurch, via Stratton to Bude. Did that run today and my OH met me in Bude for a walk on the beach and a cream tea for breakfast :-)


... for breakfast????

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It's Cornwall, I had to :-)) yummy yummy cream tea :-)


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