Final run in Cornwall this morning. The weather had taken a turn for the better thank God, after yesterday's non stop rain. The roads were still wet but fortunately not slippery underfoot otherwise I might have come a cropper. I managed 6K in around 38 mins which was pretty ok for my pace. The hills are tough here but I felt brilliant after my run. Clearer headed, and brighter overall. There's something about getting your heart pumping and the blood flowing that makes you feel fabulous!

Have a terrific Monday all!

Yer pal



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  • Well doe, Dan! You're brave taking on Cornish lanes - lhilly and more often than not, little visibility of what is going to careen round the corner. Cornwall is my home region. I walked to school up and down those hills in that rain until I was 18, they are excellent for your health :) Haven't run at home yet - Saltash has a reputation for having one of the toughest HMs in the UK. Maybe you should give it a try, but it's not for the faint hearted :)

  • Agreed I did some running in Saltash a few years back - blimey oh Riley . 8kms of pure unadulterated hell. Which is very unfair on Saltash actually because it's quite a nice place really. But who invented their hills? Grab rails would have come in very handy. Nice to see your reports from Cornwall one of my most favourite places in all UK

  • It is gorgeous here - but maaaaan.......them thar hills?!!!

  • I grew up in Saltash, I love going home. I haven't dared to run there yet.

  • My best friend lives there hence the comment. Going for a drink requires crampons on the way home....

  • If you're down at the waterside and you've had one too many, it's a real challenge :)

  • I think I may give the Saltash HM a miss......!!!

  • Lovely pic Dan and well done, what a fab run 😎

  • Hi Dan, good to see you posting again on here! I remember your very amusing posts from 'way back', when I was first doing the programme!🙂 I went on to increase my distances and ran my first HM in March. Unfortunately over the last few months I seem to have lost far too much time to illness and injury🙁 and am currently trying to get my body and fitness back to where it was before!! Your run sounds lovely and you are right about how fantastic we feel after a good run! 🙂

  • Hellooooo Sandra!!! Yes I remember you. Glad to hear you've cracked the HM distance (I never could). Sorry to hear about illness and injury though - that reeeeally sucks. Are you gonna do the program again do you think? To get back up to fitness?

  • Am playing around with what I need at the moment! I had a bad back and sciatica a couple of months ago. The sciatica left me with some nerve damage in my left leg 😮 and although it has almost resolved I am having a few 'niggles' due to the compensation of other muscles. I have just been out for a gentle run today - maybe 2.5/3k. Ridiculously slow but the latest niggle (behind my knee) is still...well, a bit niggly!! I saw a physio who assures me things will return to normal, I just have to be patient 😮😮 When my nerves are fully recovered my gait should theoretically return to 'normal' and voila! I will soon be pounding my local trails again like I used to. We will see!🙂 In the meantime - I guess any run is better than no run at all!

  • Wowzers??!!! Well done...running is good for the soul

  • It is! Thank you.

  • Well done Dan! Looking jolly in orange! :)

  • Thanks Ali! How are youuuuuuu??

  • i'm ok Dan, just off to bed feeling comatose after IOW HM yesterday, its very hilly here too! hills are our friends apparently though!! :)

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