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How can I get the upgrade of couch to 5km to talk?

does anyone know how to make the upgraded version of couch to 5km talk to me? I can't find my way round it at all, it used to be so simple and reliable. And google just points me back here, and it's useless without the voices telling me what to do (I was on week 8 and today I gave up after 12 minutes running)

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Try downloading the podcasts, they are much more robust (some would argue you need to be mentally robust to cope with the music but beats techno-faff!)


in the end I tried the old switch off switch on again on the phone and magically I could hear the voices again. Thanks for the heads up re the podcasts the idea of running outdoors with music on scares me ( call me a paranoid ex motorcyclist but I like to hear cars just in case the drivers dont see me :-) )


Well, yes, if you put both earphones in (or if you don't hear well in both ears)

I never run on roads anyway but sometimes where it is good to hear bikes, horses or faster runners coming up behind... and I just like to be able to hear the birds and the wind in the trees, so I've only ever run with one earphone in.

These days I mostly have my phone in my bag and just the time etc announcements but that's a little embarrassing if I am passing someone else at the time.


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