The call of the couch

I've had a big day at work today assessing students as they carried out some practical work. I knew it was coming but it's still pretty tiring, on my feet all day, wits about me collecting evidence for marks, weighing up each performance against the next so it's quite full on. Oh I didn't mention I was assessing cooking and yes I do need to test it all. So in random order I've had mouthfuls of minestrone, tandoori prawns, apple pie, lamb curry, baked cod, tuiles with mouse, home made burgers, tagliatelle, tiramisu, steak, chocolate pot, Mexican fish and panacotta. All lovely in themselves but...

So I when I got home it was turning cold and foggy, Mr Slippers had a fire on the go and offered a cup o' tea. That's it, the couch got me. I didn't have a chance. I did have a good excuse, I was really tired, it was getting cold, it was foggy and would be dark soon. And I felt too fat and sick to move. Just for today I could cut myself some slack and get back on track tomorrow.

Forty winks later I started thinking to myself. It would have been easy not to start this program within a week of my dad's funeral. It would have been easier not to run in the dusky gloom of January and February. It would have been easier to stop when I struggled with my breathing and pains in my shins. Easier not to run in the cold. Easier to avoid the rain. Definitely easier not to run into hail and gale force winds. Easier to find dry routes with no deep puddles. Easier not to do rotten runs over shingle and swampy marshes. Easier not to have to straddle tree trunks after the storm damage. Clearly there are easier ways!

So I shoke off my lardy snooze. Got out and completed W8R3. Towards the end when I was tiring and feeling the gravitational pull of all those calories weighing me down with heavy tandoori thighs and bouncy blamange belly I had to work on my negative thoughts. The last five minutes were a bit of a battle but surely all those calories would give me energy. I started to list all the foods I'd eaten, sounding each syllable with each pace. I pounded along, panna-cotta, tan-dor-i and imagined the energy lift all that rich food must be giving me. For once I made a flying finish.

Yes there are easier ways, and yes it's easy to make excuses but none of that gives me the great sense of satisfaction that I feel now. Thanks to Laura and thanks to all you running buddies. Enjoy. :-)


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16 Replies

  • Well done! Don't think I would have had.the strength to get up.and go and the only way I'd manage a flying finish would be if I were to trip over something! I'm one run behind you!

  • Thanks Josielle, well the flying finish is relative to the rest of the jog at a snails pace. Yes, we'll soon be getting out the braso to polish up those graduation badges. Good luck for weeks 8 & 9.

  • Great post - well done for getting out there ! Maybe the tuiles with mouse gave you a bit of extra protein! :-) Brightened my night shift, thanks!

  • Thanks Poppy. Not sure about the protein but definitely loaded with calories. Enjoy your runs. :-)

  • Fab post - illustrating just how this c25k gets hold of us . After such a mix of foods and a foggy evening and yet you still got out there. Thanks for sharing. You'll be graduating soon:)

  • Thanks RoRo Mama. I know I find it odd how excited and happy I feel about graduating soon. I'm not sure what all this exercise does to your hormones but I really feel upbeat. :-)

  • Are you a culinary instructor? Our chef instructor used to spit out the samples. Our school was large, and he was a short man, eating the samples of 30-50 students a day would have made him bigger around than he was tall!

  • Thanks Nilzed, although I'm pretty tall I did feel like a barrel. My lot would be heart broken if I spat out (sounds wrong out of context), I've made a rod for my own back though. :-)

  • Wine tasters and professional tasters of all sorts do it. One of my classmates went on to work in a test kitchen, spat product out all day. Its a fact of the food world.

  • Thanks for making me laugh! The blancmange belly really conjures up a picture!!

    When you fight all those things that are trying to keep you on the couch and get out there despite them, then you can be really proud of yourself!

    I see you are nearly at week 9 now, wow, keep going and I'll get the flags out ready for your graduation!

  • Aww, thanks Petal. Yes the flags sound fab, I hope you can do a finish tape too. I'll muster enough energy to do one of those arms held high chest thrusting finishes. Thanks ever so for the feedback. :-)

  • I made loads of noise and waved my arms around madly when I graduated. I was on top of a hill so I don't think anyone heard me or saw me, but I was one proud lady! And the feeling lasted for ages, just remembering it now makes me smile!

    Finish tape ready and waiting!

  • Fantastic post, well done for beating the couch monster

  • Thanks Mummysaurus, it's tough work fighting flab and monsters, no wonder I'm so knackered. :-)

  • Greetings from a fellow Food Tech teacher. I know that feeling!

  • Haha. Greetings indeed! I guess you're saying 'been there, done that, got the T-shirt'. In our job 'Tis the season to be chubby fal la la la la. I guess we just have to do more jogging to compensate. :-)

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