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"Run" = Slightly Bouncy Walk

My first run took place earlier this week. In my eagerness to get started, once I had my gear, my partner and I went out, even though it was 9PM and dark out.

I am a slow, slow walker. My "brisk walk" was apparently a casual amble for my partner. And my run was only a tiny bit faster than that. It seemed more like a slightly bouncy walk. I really liked the pod-cast. Laura is very encouraging, which I needed.

I started wheezing and getting way too much phlegm and junk in my airways at about interval two. I do not like people who spit, but I admit I became one of them. I just couldn't breathe with all that junk in my mouth and throat. It was either that or slow down and wheeze some more. And I was determined not to stop "running."

I feel a little weird suggesting I was running, when I was probably going 4.5 mph at top speed, in a gait that was only distinguishable from a walk because I was killing myself doing it. But I guess I should respect the effort and call it running anyways. For me, it was.

I finished my first run, and I am very proud of myself. (J., my partner, also congratulated me. He wasn't even winded, but he knew I was about to collapse.)

Next time, I am going to use my inhaler first and hopefully it will be much, much easier.

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Well done you! You've taken the hardest step of all by making a start on the programme. Don't worry about speed at this stage (& throughout the programme) it's all about doing the time. Speed and distance will follow later.

Keep posting and let us know how you get on


You know what many people would have given in but you didnt, so that's brilliant.

Think not of how fast or far you are going during this. I'm a very slow runner, actually think my brick walk is probably the same sort of pace, but I'm doing it and loving it (did I just say that??? :) )

I'm proud of you (and think its great how your partner is supporting you)


Well done. You have made the first step and it doesn't matter how slow you are, the fact is you did it. A lot of advice I have read is that people give up because they go too fast too quickly. I know my first time was probably the hardest for me and I could not do all the runs, but now I am on week 6 and loving it. Keep with it and go at your own pace. It will be so worth it. Keep posting on the blog because it's great to see the development from week to week and also to share the bad days and triumphs.


Thank you. I guarantee I won't fail due to going too fast too quickly! But seriously, thanks for the support. I am so lucky to have so many people cheering me on.


Well done, thats the hardest run over. We run in the same style, mine is more of a controlled fall rather than than the elegant lope in my head but its not (technically) walking.


thanks for posting, I have just done week hubby has come along to help me keep going, he lifts his kness and does extra sprints whilst I plod along and our dog does loops round the park while feel like i'm not moving....however i'm covering more distance and whatever speed i'm going its better than sitting on my fat !!!! on the sofa. keep going....


Good for you for getting out there, too. J. ran up ahead and back too, but that is good if it keeps him engaged. I know I am slow, but I am trying to focus my expectations on keeping moving, rather than keeping up with him, so I am set up for success. It sounds like you are doing the same, which is terrific.


Well done, I know what you mean about having to break the habit of a lifetime and spit but it sometimes has to be done I am afraid!


Just found this, how true!


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