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Week 9 run 1 complete wahoooo

So I did it, ran for 30 mins! Finding it a bit of a struggle with the warm weather, legs feeling achy and breathing is difficult for most of the way but I keep going and wishing for winter!! Lol. Pace is around 7.4 min per km and ran for 3.9 km today so some way to go before reaching 5k but just taking it all in my chunky legged stride and loving every minute!

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Slow down :) You are nearly there.. take it easy as you head to the Graduation podium.. :)

This is your running journey and meant to be fun... so maybe, for the next runs of 30 minutes, relax and enjoy! Slow and steady and thinking how wonderfully you have done and how well you are going to do after GRADUATION!!!

Keep the steps light, relax into the runs, breathe gently and........we will be waiting with the bubbly!!! x


Graduation badge getting closer, glistening in the sun, waiting for its new owner to claim it. What a great set of times too. Well done and good luck for the rest of this week


Congratulations, I'm starting week 9 tomorrow


I think this plan should be renamed C230M rather than C25K. Don't get hung up about running 5k. It's running for 30 mins solid that is important 👍👍


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