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W4R3 plus a 'PB' in the sports bra challenge!

W4R3 done and dusted this evening! Plus it took me less than a minute to get the 'body shocker' on, only to discover I'd got it on inside out! Thought sod it I'm not going through that again and left it on inside out, did the job just the same. The actual run was a bit of a nightmare though, as the podcast kept cutting out and I think I did one of the 3 minute runs twice. Bring on W5!

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LOL !! So funny..Who needs a perfect run when you have a PB in Sports Bra..

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I just love it! :)

They are the very divil to get on aren't they? :)


Well done.. And it's always good to go against the grain... Especially in running.. Good luck for week 5....


Ha ha, ta for making me laugh! Well done. Now for Week 5.



So glad the only challenging aspect of my sports bra is getting the little clip done up to turn it into a racer back.


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