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W4r3 - C25 minute dog?

It took a while to get out this morning as hubby was lingering with a late start at work. The ground was wet but the sun shine and the air was crisp, a good start. I was talking to Poppy about something I'd read recently as we panted along our route (nothing unusual there, taking a dog with me means that people don't realise I'm talking to myself half the time). We've been aware of the safety issues needed when running alone so I make sure I have a phone with me and my children at least know the route I usually take. Glancing through one of my husband's running books (don't want to appear too keen) I found the section there that talked about running with a dog for safety. Great, according to the book a dog can be a useful security asset, would be attackers see a dog as an unknown risk and steer clear. The book does advise that your dog should have a suitable name in the presence of suspicious characters - something like "Fang" or "Bandit". As we started the second 5 minute run my legs were rather heavy and I hadn't managed to fit in the downhill slope at the end of w4r2. Poppy wasn't wildly impressed either, she offered to wait while I went for another circuit of the field. I got the feeling that she was miffed at the thought of me even considering changing her name and that she was definitely considering the thought of being a C25 minute dog.

As for me, I got home tingling all over - is this the first sign of the runner's high I've heard about? I wonder what week 5 will have in store? Should we repeat w4r3 again to feel more at ease with it? Or should we just go for week 5 and see how we get on? Might need a two day break to think about that one.

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:) just get straight into wk 5, discovered best not to think about just do it :)

I'm not surprised that 'fang' and 'bandit' don't impress Poppy very much, how about 'Rocky'? you could play her the sound track too to get her in the mood :) lol


Its either runners high or your socks are too tight!



I take my dog with me sometimes, but she can be a real pain because she likes to stop when a car comes along. When I get ready to go out and put my trainers on she gets so excited so it makes me feel guilty to leave her at home! Her tail goes around and around like a helicoter.

She knows I'm writing about her because she has just rested her chin on my leg!!


I don't have a dog but I reckon my cat would love it :)


ok gone visual on cat on one of those extender leads lol :)


Go for it! :)


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