Whatever happened to yipeeeeee!!!

Posted last night aboutbthe dreaded w5r3. But my post has gone missing!!! I will try and recapture the spirit of the post again tonight..Set off as usual with my running buddy. She felt more apprehensive than me. So we decided we wouldnt start until we had walked up the dreaded hill that we have come to despise on our route. And last night it was just too much of a mental hurdle to get over. Anyway off we go slow and steady. We are not speed runners.!!!! Down the lanes on a gorgeous summer evening filled with the dreadful fear of failure. Having paid attention to all the wonderful supportive people on here we went equioped with water. We managed some chit chat and polite hellos to fellow runners. None of whom were overtaking us i might add.. Before we knew it half the time had passed. We started to believe we could do it. Despite never having run in my life five weeks ago other than to the loo and the sweet shop. I am surebyou all know were I am going with this story as like many before on here it has a happy ending because as i am sure vyou ahve guessed we made it. We actually made🙌. There was lots of hugging and kissing in the street. I am sure passing folks knew why. You could not get two more proud people. And unbelievably it wassnt too bad in that it felt better than i expected and tgere doesnt appear to be any side effects today. Have spent the last 24 hours boring everyone that i have come into contact with about this prigramme and my achievment. Onwards and upwards fro here the dream of beach running this summer in cornwal now seems a real possibility until then i will look forward to my girls night out in liverpool to celebrate a friends special birthday as i will be able to bore strangers with my running tales. Bybthe way we ran 2.5 kms how does that sound to you guys as we have concentrated on the running rather than worrying about distance


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  • Well done both of you ! Fantastic ! Hopefully now you have got over that hurdle you can see that the 30 mins is now doable. You are quite right to concentrate on the time rather than the distance that can come later. You will surely be running on the beach this summer. Enjoy !!

  • It's a pain isn't it when a carefully written post just disappears? You did the dreaded long run though, well done both of you! Not long to go now...

  • Really well done.

  • Very well done! Isn't it weird how you can't wait for an 8 minute run to finish but two days later you can run for 20 and not be screaming for mercy.

    Such a hurdle to get over doing this one and once you do it you feel that the 5k is well within your reach! Well done to both of you! :)

  • Congratulations to both of you, what a lovely inspirational post. I have bored so many people at work with my praise of C25k that they featured me in our company magazine (to shut me up I suspect - it hasn't worked!) Good luck with the rest of your journey and enjoy those runs on the beach in Cornwall.

  • Congratulations. It is all downhill to the 30 mins non - stop now (apart from that dreaded hill) :)

    I have a 'dreaded hill' on my usual run too but I have come to secretly love it as I know it makes me stronger. My local Parkrun is flat bar one mini - incline which I always get to overtake people on :) I bet you'll be thinking like this too in a few months ..... you're a runner now!

  • BTW make sure you pump your arms when running uphill. It really works at getting the legs moving too :)

  • Congratulations and enjoy the beach :)

  • Thanks all. It is totally this forum that has got me going and kept me going. It is judt full of so many people with only kind words to say. Started week 6 today was a bit tough going surprisingly ? Maybe i needed an extra day off. But we did stop for a celebratory wine in the pub the othef side of the dreaded hill once we had finished. Who would have thought sux weeks ago i wouldhave entered a pub in lycra pants and day glow orange top with not a lot of room to spare. I thought i would have spent the whole 9 weeks running behind a bush in my sunglasses

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