I used to run every other morning when I was 17, I'm 26 now and was hoping my body would somehow snap back to how it was and I'd be gliding but I started today and I couldn't even do all of the running parts without wanting to vomit! Please tell me someone else had this problem too. I'm going to persist but basically looking for assurance that if I keep going it'll be worth it and I won't actually die of a stitch!


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  • Yep, several of us had this problem too. I didn't necessarily want to vomit on week 1 but I was over confident. I thought that the 1min runs would be a breeze... I almost started the programme at week 3 as I was so confident but decided that I might as well start from the beginning.

    I started run 1 and was smacked in the face by the 1st one min run! I slowed right down for the other runs and gave the running sections the respect they called for!

    Now I'm about to start week 7 and am actually *whisper very very quietly* starting to enjoy this running nonsense!

    It will probably take a while before you get back to the fitness levels you were before but it WILL all be worth it in the end.

    Welcome to the forum. We look forward to hearing more about ti our running life.

  • Oh thank you! Haha your whispers are very reassuring. I think I was just running far too quickly and I started to feel a bit wobbly so I think I'll have to remind myself to respect them too. It's quite strange trying to find the right pace for me again. Thanks! Everyone seems really supportive and helpful so I'm excited to keep going :)

  • Hello Nellelunar 😊

    I've never ran before, maybe a quick trot to the car or to get out of the rain, haha and that was bad enough. It was definatley a no no to running.

    I am on wk 5 run 1 of the podcast and never ever imagined I'd get this far. I thought it would another one of my phases with trying things. Wk 1 run 1 definately killed me physically. My chest was tight and wheezing slightly, nightmare. I'm older than you, so you have youth on your side haha, but stick at it and get to know your pace.

    I reign myself in when I accidentally trot too quickly. You just know and slow down. I'm just doing a very slow jog and this pace works.

    You will do it lovely so don't despair. I never thought I'd give advice on here, this must be my first piece to you, lol. So that says something. Looking forward to hear about your next run when you're ready for it. 😊👍

  • Thanks so much! It's nice to know I'm not alone :) I'm really determined. Next run is planned for Thursday and thanks to you guys I'm just going to try and watch my pace as I definitely think that's where I went wrong tonight. We shall see!

  • Just slow down!!!! Really slow down!!!!!!

    Many of us felt that the first week... might have been the last... it wasn't!

    You are going to be just fine :)

  • Pacing is one of the most difficult skills to master for any runner, regardless of experience ( look at the World Athletics Championships).

    You might have been like a gazelle nine years ago, but once you lose that fitness you have to start all over again. So forget what you used to do and do it the C25K way.........which is as slow as you need to go to enable yourself to breathe. This plan is about building stamina, not speed........that can come later. Slow down, says another one.

    I still tried to run like a 17 year old when I started.......at the age of 57. Mind you, now I can run further, if not faster, than I ever did back then. Keep going, it definitely works!

  • All the above and more. You will be fine, the plan will gradually bring you back to the running fold, and whilst you may not rediscover the 17 year old runner, you will discover the nice fit 26 year old. And yes you're right 60 seconds sounds so easy until you're doing it. But I promise in a week or so you'll giggle at one minute as being strenuous.good luck next time out

  • I used to go running when I was younger. But never properly I never trained right but did a couple of races here and there. So I was never a runner. But I'm now on week 5! Who'd have thought that those of us who have never been runners can get from struggling through 60s to running for 5 minutes and tonight I have to run for 8! It really does work, and as you've been an actually runner I'm sure you'll get there too. Just take it slow and build back up. You'll get there

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