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W1R1 complete and a question

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Hi everyone, so I did my first run this morning and it went ok I think. My initial target is to complete the programme and then do a Parkrun early in the new year, after that I need to lose some weight (I'm 49 and 15 stone), but one step at a time!

I was wondering what people were using to hold their phones/pods while running? I don't want to look like a cyborg.

It's pretty inspiring to read everyone else's posts, keep going :)

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I'm pretty new to all this too. And bought a runbaby. Tenner off amazon, does the trick

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I use one of these: amazon.co.uk/Sweatproof-Adj...

Does the trick nicely though my first one did wear away after about 6 months. I know that some people use a kind of flip belt to hold phones and keys as well: amazon.co.uk/FlipBelt-FBB-B...

I'm glad you enjoyed your first run, keep going! It's a great programme.

I wear a pair of shorts with zips on, so when I'm ready for my run I connect up the headphones to the phone, leave it in my pocket and zip it up, then run the lead under my shirt up to my collar. The only clue that I'm even about to run is the headphones in my ears and the lead protruding from them down to my neck :)

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RunaroundSue in reply to TheTortoiseTeacher

Don't start talking into your wrist, otherwise people will think you are a security agent 😃

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TheTortoiseTeacher in reply to RunaroundSue

I'd be a pretty lousy agent at my height, but I like the idea!

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Well done Martin! Keep going with the programme and you'll be park running in the new year. Parkrun is great fun.

If you keep running regularly and eating healthily then you are guaranteed to lose weight. How could you not?

I had an arm thing for my mp3 player but as I ran more and more I lost that much weight that it kept falling down so I freecycled it and just jammed my mp3 player into the back pocket of my running tights. One pair (Gore) has a side pocket which is fine for the purpose. Some tops have a front pocket for your tech

You'll find something that suits you, and that hopefully doesn't get on your wick. It's a thorny issue and one with which most C25kers will identify

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I'm a fan of flip belt - don't know I have it on and holds all tech gear and keys. I also moved to cordless headphones which are brilliant and a snip at £7 !! Well done for starting, the forums great and the programme really works 😀

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Just a small bumbag. Enough space for phone, mp3, small holder for credit card, park run bacode, tenner & nectar card!, back door key.

I have a slightly larger one that I can get my rolled up jacket, purse and larger bunch of keys in (eg when we are camping).

I just make sure the belt is tight so that it stays in place (behind me, not in front) and doesn't move around, or up&down

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