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W8r1... on hols... really struggled


I'm on hols this week... completed 2 runs earlier in the week both ok.... however came to run w8r1 today and boy did I struggle....mainly mentally which had knock on effect physically....

I was on countdown all the way... feeling and thinking negative... such a struggle. I did complete the run but didn't feel good at all about it.

In hind sight.... in holiday mode... Late night( with a drink) last night, headache, dehydrated and tired and simply was not in the mood.

Back home moro, normal routine next week and hoping w8r2 and on going will feel bit easier both in my mind and physically.

On the positive.... I did do it and it was blooming hard going but I did it.

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Yes you did it! Everything wrong for running, but that didn’t stop you. Countdown mode isn’t a negative, it gives you the opportunity to test your desire to finish, and you did. Great job!

SarahOReillyGraduate in reply to UnfitNoMore

Thanks for the upbeat comments 😀

I had runs like that towards the end of the programme and a couple done after a a few late nights !! Don’t worry its completely normal put it behind you your nearly there x


Blimey O'Reilly, Isn't it strange how we sometimes focus on the negative aspect of a fantastically successful run! Despite not feeling great, dehydrated etc. etc. YOU SMASHED IT! Get back home and the rest will be a doddle if you maintain that level of desire and commitment. 💪💪👏👏

SarahOReillyGraduate in reply to Berksrover

Thanks for the comments... uplifting 😀


I did some of my runs on holiday, and found it a lot more challenging mentally. Just finding a route was tough. But it did mean when I got home my runs have felt better! Well done for keeping going through your holiday, I’m sure R2 will feel better when you’re back to a familiar route...and your body and brain will remember that you’ve done 28mins once already, so they’ll know you can do it again! WK8R2 tomorrow for me, we got this! 💪🏻😊


Hi... I did the same run yesterday, and had the exact same issues ... was painful mentally and physically. .. but you got round .. we all will have bad runs .. but when you get back to your normal routine , and go out for w8r2 you will smash it just fine


You did run though, unlike me. I got my running gear ready to pack, then checked the forecast and left it at home. Hence my first run for over two weeks this morning. Anyway, I’d give yourself a big pat on the back 👏

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