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Week 3, day 2, done ✔


Well it was our week 3, day 2 last night, noticed I didn't call it a run, it's still just a geriatric shuffle. Once again the rain clouds parted and the day changed to a slightly lighter grey, thats almost summer here up north. Our quite large group meets at a local running track but we were told last night next week we would be off the track and on the roads, that should give the locals a laugh.

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No one will laugh

A shuffle is fine. It will take you where you need to go

Lifting your legs in a running motion is very hard but it will come as your legs get stronger. Oh and your core and upper body. It all takes time but you can enjoy the journey and you are up, out and mobile and that's what counts

Have fun 🙂🏃✔️👍

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You are doing great. Anybody who laughs will not be a runner and runners will applaud you.

Stick with it.


Geriatric shuffle - think that's what I do too! Still, it's faster than sitting on the couch. Great you are doing it with a group, as I think everyone supports each other. Have really missed my running partner while she's on holiday (Although she's not quite as geriatric as me!)

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The 9 week program is run by volunteers from a local athletics club and what a great bunch of people that are. I'm sure many of our large group like me would not have done it on their own.

Eric we love shuffles in fact a suggestion for the collective noun of us C25Kers. And besides which we don't care who laughs because inside we are all Mo Farah. Albeit the outer packaging on my case definitely more creases....


Nothing wrong with geriatric, or shuffle.. you went and you did it!

The locals...well, they will either stare in admiration or, with jealousy or if it is for any other reason.. it is quite pleasant to make someone smile :)

Well done you. I have just finished week 6 and am still very much a shuffler (is that a word?). My mantra is now fitter not faster which helps keeps me focused. :)

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Shuffler, yes an excellent word. At least we are doing it and at 64 and never run before I'm quite surprised how much I'm enjoying it and fitter? We must be 👍😀

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Ah, I'm 60 later this year and have never really done any sport. I'm not sure how much I'm actually enjoying it during the shuffles at the moment but I am enjoying feeling fitter and trimmer. Us oldies must keep up the good work. :)

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I have just completed wk3 run 2 and feel very geriatric, I used to run when younger but a shuffle is all I can manage now at 60, it's the hills here that get me going really slow

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