What's happened to the feedback button?

Just when I thought I was beginning to come to terms with the new site and had a way of feeding comments into admin, I can't find the feedback button which was on the bottom left of the screen.

If admin read this I was going to suggest it would good if it was possible to see who "recommended" a post.

This website is a key part of the success of C25k and it doesn't deserve the disruption we've seen recently.

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  • Oh yes, I've lost that too!

  • Agreed. I would also like to know where "My Activity" has gone it used to be under my profile tab but I can't seem to find where all my old posts and responses to other members have gone?

    Any ideas?


  • I've found that one. Go to your profile, under your icon, the top selection 'Home', comes up with the news feed by default on mine. Top right, grey drop down menu button, you can change 'news feed' to 'my activity'.

  • Hoorah! Thanks I found it. Only my blogs from the previous incarnation of this forum have gone which is rubbish, there is only posts from this new look forum. There was one I wrote, more for myself than anything, that I liked to read from time to time to remind me of where I had come from. Oh well.

  • The 'Home' on the green bar at the top gives you a more direct way to get there.

    I still can't find the feedback button though.

  • That might be my fault. Last week it was sitting over the post I'd just made in the comments section so I couldn't read what I'd written before posting it. It wouldn't move, even when I scrolled up and down the page it still sat right on top of the text. So I clicked it to see if it would go away, it did but took me to the feedback page. So I entered some, suggesting it's moved or at least detached from the text so we can read what's underneath. I got an email yesterday saying I'd got 12 votes for my suggestion so they'd done it, or something like that. Thing is, that's the only time I saw the button; hadn't noticed it before, or since. I didn't realise it had gone entirely. Sorry!

  • And how do we read our own blogs from before this, erm, upgrade??? I cant find them under my profile like before and the only way I have seen to be able to access them is to go to members, put in my own ID and see them that way. Does anyone know an easier option?

    When I do what Beads says above I am only seeing activity on the new site, not old blogs....


  • Oh I have just found a quicker way....go into my profile and click on "view public profile" and then the option for my posts is there.....still not slick enough in my opinion; too many key actions to get to something simple.....

  • Can you read all your old blogs ? I cant. Im gutted that was my story of my journey and theyv got rid of them without any warning to give us a chance to save them elsewhere. :-(

  • It goes back 11 months but the first one showing isnt my very first post so some are missing..... I think we need to get onto them to bring them all back. I recall them saying they would but if you have none showing then something isnt right.....


  • Mine goes back to my very first post, but that was only 11 months ago. Maybe there's a cut off of a year or something. We need other someones who've been here more than a year to let us know if they still have their earlier ones.

  • None of mine show when i use my laptop but on the mobile site i can read them all, just discovered that.. How odd. I emailed them and the person said they are only going to display the last 10 blogs we write. Which doesn't match up to either what's going on when i use my laptop or phone. Fobbed off....

  • Oh dearie me, feeling such a klutz. Thanks to everyone for clues as to where things are now hidden! I too was mis as I thought everything was lost :(

    No 'feedback' button though ... And another concern of mine ... Where are all the past blogs which were grouped together under chosen tags by the original writers?

    We are now stuck with 9 'week' groups, C25K+, no particular, or all pertaining to C25K! I liked to look for all blogs, for example, that had mentioned, say, 'shin splints' or 'running with dogs' or 'asthma problems' etc etc. Surely those groupings of blogs were far more useful to us all, so that we could zero-in on probs and queries which might have beset others in the past. What is the point of all the 'automatic' tagging if there is no way of seeing where they are all going? I would like to feedback this kind of query to the web masters .... Perhaps that's why the feedback button has been removed.

    Also assume I'll never find out as the e-mails notifications advising if anyone had responded to our blogs seem to have stopped too! I hate how I am now told of only two recent posts/questions which might appeal to me..... gggrrrrrrrrr

    Whinge over for a while, Linda x :(

  • I feel your pain Linda......as do plenty of others I think! :( Maybe we should all get together and list out our concerns/complaints and then send one long list to them to see how they respond.

  • OMG, SBG356 ... I had an e-mail to say you'd responded to me :) Someone is out there watching us teehee ;)

    Yes, a long list is a great idea ... but the new system would mean that the proposal would be lost after about four other random postings - so how could we let all the oldies know? Circular moan continues LOL ;)

  • So true!! That is one of my pet hates...not seeing popular blogs now on the side, just recent one.... Grrrrr!


  • Just a wee wee moan -- can someone up there please fix it so that I can do emoticons like winks and grumpy faces like in the old days please? Not so important I know, but they were fun! Thanks. D.

  • Hi Delia, my emoticons come and go randomly, so some of my replies get them and others just look as if I've had a blonde/grey moment with random key tapping! :)

    Do you get a huge green horizontal bar slipping down your screen - the Health Unlocked topper - which subsequently blocks out folks' blogs? Maybe it's an iPad phenomenon ... still darned frustrating.

    Hope all's well with you? Linda x :D

  • Expletive; explitive; expletive. Just got two notifications for your reply. Expletive.


  • Emoticon worked!

  • Golly! No but I have other strange phenomena such as not knowing who is posting. I think people probably think I'm rude for not replying. I came across this particular post by pure chance. Boiling hot at 38 degrees, xox delia

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