Lesson learned (I hope) W6R2

Well I should be old enough to know better but no, I am still an idiot! I decided I would try a faster pace today as I aspire to be as fast as slow. So off I started and the new pace actually felt good - for a while. Laura has now completely deserted me so it was just me and Amy Winehouse for company. Funny how when you start getting out of breath you notice uphill bits that you never noticed before. I was glad for the 3 minute walk but still went a little too fast at the beginning of the second 10 minutes. I just about made it to the end but I think my face was turning a shade of purple! My time was faster (still very slow) but I shall be going back to slower than a slow thing for R3 - lesson learned. :)


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13 Replies

  • I love Amy but she makes me cry, so well done you on completing it in one piece. Purple's a nice colour - just checked the Dulux colour chart and I'm guessing either purple pout or deep aubergine. And did you know purple dye originally made from sea snails? Poor snails, but not poor you, what a cracking run. Well done, the purple podium of success awaits.... 🏅

  • Well that explains it. My face was the same colour as the speed I ran. Sea snails and I have a lot in common it seems (except I'm a bad swimmer). Yes I know what you mean about Amy but luckily I was too busy concentrating on breathing to get too sad. Here's to R3...

  • Bad swimmer me too, I resemble a slowly sinking stone. Running fitness first, then I have to tackle that one, at my age it's too embarrassing admitting water wings may be the answer.... sea snail purple we shall consign to the bin. R3 is toast

  • I know what you mean, when you're feeling good, the desire to start running faster is almost overwhelming. Stick to the plan, it's there for a reason. Congrats for battling through and finishing the run.

  • Yes, I was feeling so tired last week and felt a bit better this week so thought I'd try and push it - silly me. Mind you I think it's still early days getting the pace right but I'll get there eventually. Thanks for the support. :)

  • Well, we did say 🙄

    😁naughty, naughty 🙂 Take your time! Please 👏

  • Haha, yes you did. I have given myself a very good talking too and will behave next time. :)

  • Good 😁

  • Lesson learned..not telling off needed! Get to the Graduation podium, injury free, and a nice shade of pink :)

  • Thank you @Oldfloss. I shall be good from now on :)

  • You'd better!!! :) x

  • Well done you! I agree about the inclines- I'm running a route that I've been walking regularly since I was a kid - now I'm running it there seem to be ups where it used to be flat. I can feel the (non-existent) pace grinding down as so as I get to it. Seriously impressed with your run 😳🐵

  • Thank you ChunkyMonkey. I think where I run has some sort of spell on it so that whichever way I run, it's uphill! Still we're moving towards graduation slowly but surely. :)

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