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Couch to 5K
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Lesson learned since graduating

I was reassured all the way through C25K by Laura's words that it's "just a light jog". It somehow made it seem a lot less scary and much more possible. Then in Week 9 - wham - she mentioned that we ought to be running something approaching 5K by now. That's obvious I know, from the title of the programme (!) but it was a bit of a wake-up call as I knew I was nowhere near that.

As a result, I focused after graduation on going faster, but think I overdid it and so found it a real slog - so it put me off a bit and I lost my motivation.

I have now calmed down on the speed and realised that for me personally it's just important to get out there and cover some distance, no matter what the speed is. So I've started to enjoy it more (and I am getting just a little bit faster too).

So I have learnt my lesson and will enjoy getting out without worrying too much about the speed. I know this should be obvious but I am sharing this in case anyone else finds themselves in a similar position. It would be nice in a way if the programme could be called something such as 'Couch to however far you can run in 30 minutes', but admittedly that wouldn't exactly be snappy :) I do see the point of the 5K goal, but it's all about keeping things in perspective isn't it.

I've really enjoyed these forums by the way - such an inspiration and thanks all.

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Thanks for posting this. I think you've made a very valid point. I was disappointed when I realised I wasn't going to run the 5k when I graduated but by that time it didn't matter as I was hooked and so chuffed I could run for 30 minutes! The 5k came later.

You're right - the title of the programme is a bit misleading, but it gets us there in the end!


Yes I think we all think we should be speeding along & magically reaching 5k in 30 mins at the end of the programme . But as you know that isn't the case for quite a few on here , me included . We just have to remember we are doing something we never thought possible & that's actually running for 30 min fast or slow , so well done & keep up the good work .


I couldn't agree more, and my own experience has been the same. Still can't do 5K running in the 30 minutes but don't care. I'm just doing so much more than ever before and loving it.


I am in the same space as you. I run for around 43 minutes and still only get to 4.7K. I am also slooow. I want to make it to 5k, but as I run after work, I find that I'm giving that 4.7K my all. I have vowed that I will get up early tomorrow and see if I can get all the way..........but I know it won't be in 30 minutes


I agree so much with this post! And "couch to however far you can run in 30 minutes" has a much better ring to it anyway! If I can do something that's a bit faster than walking for 30 minutes without stopping, I've achieved something! X


Thanks so much everyone. Fattytumtum (great name by the way) if you can run for 43 minutes then that's terrific and a real achievement. I have made it to 40 minutes (once) but know I will keep improving if I keep getting out there.

Rockette and Lucy, you are so right. We are doing something that seemed impossible when we started out and I still can't believe I've got to that point. Well done to everyone.


I totally agree with you. I am not going to try and set myself unachievable goals, hurt myself for good and have to pack up. Having hurt myself already through being too ambitious, I'm going to take each run as it comes and try and enjoy it. I love being out in the great outdoors, even when it's wet and muddy. Loving it!


I am embarrassingly slow and have just got a Garmin so soon I will know quite how embarrassingly slow I am. I have started to not worry too much about the weather but I do worry about my somewhat pathetic speed. I jog and don't run and it is really reassuring to see some others are slow coaches too.


I totally agree. I completely lost my way trying to 'improve' my speed. I 'got down' to under 9 minutes a kilometre (yep I'm that slow) but couldn't sustain it beyond 10 minutes. So frustrating! Then one day I went out and I had a lot on my mind and was distracted and found I'd run 3k (26 minutes). Of course that's nearly a 10 minute K again back where I started but it's at least a distance and has to be better for me.

I'll continue improving little by little until I'm around 40 mins for 5K as that's my target for my first Parkrun but slow and steady suit me best :-)


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