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Not on "The Road To Nowhere"


I must have a weird and slightly masochistic sense of humour because I set up a playlist last night for my W6R3 run this morning and added "Road To Nowhere" (Talking Heads). I thought I had added it to be playing just at the end of the 25 minutes, but I must have got the timings wrong because it didn't start until I was on the cool down. Maybe my phone is trying to tell me something!

Anyway after a difficult W6R1 at the start of last week, it felt great to smash today's longer run. Bring on W7!

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Playlists that would be a great topic.

Nibor5Graduate in reply to Christo262

Except that there are a few in mine that I wouldn't admit to.

Christo262 in reply to Nibor5

I am sure we all have those 😀

OldflossAdministrator in reply to Christo262

Yep! But..if it keeps me moving!


great post! Made me smile!

I don't like it when I hear the lyric...just another mile!!! Keep it slow and steady as you move forward:)

Well done you I like the title although in truth don't like the song. But running oriented playlists seem to help don't they? I am behind you on Week 6 and similarly had a crap run 1. Maybe it's just that one that gets you. Looking forward to Week 7s music choice. Good luck next time out


I couldn't get through most of my runs if not for my tunes saving my ass 😃


Brilliant tune! I think I'll add it to my playlist!

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