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janda on the road to Hackney


Trying to get some extra runs in during the end of the school break, without overdoing things! Three and a half weeks to go to Run Hackney so aware of the desire to up the miles and the disappointment of last year's injury. Today was great though and I pushed on a bit with the tempo part. Still trying to slow the slow bits down to a gentler pace (but it's hard!). I read that a problem is running the fast runs too slow and the slow runs too fast!!

Total was 8k in 43:22. 5k tempo run in 25:48 w/1.5k warmup in 8:37 & 1.5k cooldown in 8:57. Tempo=5:10 pkm or 8:19 per mile. See link for those who are interested: connect.garmin.com/modern/a...

Keep on running!

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Impressive stuff Janda.

Don't overdo it though!

That's fast! Well done.

jandaGraduate in reply to ActonHighStreet

Interesting that most of my other runs are within seconds of each other on pace. 'Long' and 'easy' and 'recovery' all seem to morph a little so it's important to put a bit of pace into the training sometime.


Great run Janda!


Cheers old_git

Great stuff and quicker than my prep for the same race! I ran 7k this morning in a gentle 46:41. Mind you, it did follow last night's rather nice bottle of red....


Nice one Rob. No nice bottle of red (or white for that matter) for me last night.


fantastic...well done Janda...your 5k time is so fast!!

jandaGraduate in reply to ju-ju-

Cheers JJ. I'd love to sustain that over the 21.1k in three weeks time!

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