I am not entering the ballot

I'm sat here with that old familiar feeling that I love so much. With the touch of a computer keyboard enter button my whole body has tingles of excitement.

Yes, I have entered an event. I was really thinking about chancing the marathon but I wasent sure that was right for me and everything is up in the air until October. Then while I was looking around Facebook and twitter last night this little beauty popped up. A new london HM called the The Big Half. Closed road, Tower Bridge, round Canary Wharf and finishing in Greenwich, because I live In One of the boroughs it's only £30 today and it is on 4th March 2018. 5 days before the anniversary of our operations. I want to do the run for a kidney charity, so my next job will be choosing my charity, hehe well that and going my first run.

I have a physio appointment next week and I am hoping they will give me the go ahead to start running and swimming, slowly.

So excited to have a plan. The only thing was there is no mention of bling, but I'm sure there must be?😀🎖.

Here is the link if anyone want to have a look.



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  • Hi RFC, glad things are going well!

    This event looks a good one! Local for you too, perfect, you can test the route as you train!

    I am very tempted..........

  • Thank you. It looks like I is going to be fun, 20,000 it will be a long stream to the back of the pack to find me. 😀.

  • You're being very sensible!

  • Thanks. 😀

  • Great plan RFC😊. Hope you are back to gentle exercise soon.xx

  • I'm already up to 5km walking so I don't think it will be long now

  • Good thinking, Batwoman. I totally approve. There is bling, as long as you finish in under four hours. I've checked. I like bling too. ;)

  • Thanks. Oh what page did they mention the bling! I couldn't find it.

  • I saw it in italics on the bit where they ask you to estimate the time you will take to finish the race, somewhere between the questions "what do you eat for breakfast" and "what size are your knickers". In other words, I will hopefully see you there (insert happy dance *here*).

  • Whoop whoop yay, a training buddy 🏃‍♀️🏃‍♀️. I must admit by that time I was way past being happy to be entering an event 😀

  • Good plan - read about it in the Standard last night and thought it looked good.

  • I saw it last night too but the draw was too much by the time I got up this morning 😀.

  • Phew.... ! I know am a right old worrier, always banging on about slow and steady...... but I am so, so glad you decided not to chance the Marathon.... it had to be your choice, and I feel you made the right decision and clearly.. the half Marathon in 2018 is perfect for you...it was meant to be! :)

    Carry on, doing what you are doing and healing wonderfully... ( Both of you... ) exciting times are heading back again :) x

  • Awww thanks for having my back. I agree the marathon would of been just too much but this just feels right.

  • Sounds perfect RFC!😀

  • Thanks 😀.

  • Fate intervened and put you on a different path. Perfect and it looks such a great route!

  • I do feel like I have been holding on waiting for something and this just feels like it is it. 😀

  • Ahh, what great timing for it RFC. That'll feel really good.

    And they must have bling.

  • Thanks. I'm sure they must. Just need to build up slowly now.

  • Thats sounds perfect RFC! well done, exciting and a great one to aim for! :)

  • Thanks. I always like the thought of getting in on the first one. Maybe I can do it every year 😀. Get a collection of race numbers.

  • Perfect! And in at the beginning of a new race as well, that's always fun :)

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