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I have just completed my 30 Minute run and I feel amazing, I was so unfit 6 weeks ago when I started this challenge (yes I did rush at the start) and it seemed like such a mountain to climb. I read somewhere not to worry or think too far ahead.

I am 51 years old, was and still am overweight so if you are wondering if you should give this a go then just go for it.

My rested heartrate is down my blood pressure is down and I really cannot recommend this enough.

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Fantastic and congratulations. What a great way to start a new week. Very well done.



Hello and well done on your 30 min run.

As it is only a couple of days since you posted about completing w8 r 1 I am not sure if you realise it is the full 3 x 30 minute runs to graduate the Programme.

If you have run 5 runs in 4 days to graduate I would say that is such a bad idea.

Merciless in reply to Millsie-J

Ok my app says that I graduated, I am using the C25K app from Zenlabs, I think it is set out slightly different. I did 2 runs of 28 mins and 1 of 30 in Week 8 btw.

Also I posted Week 8 Day 2 4 days ago.

Millsie-JGraduate in reply to Merciless

Ahhh that explains the differences. i think most people who follow a shorter programme do a week 9 of 3 x 30 minute runs to graduate on this forum, in line with the forum's NHS C 25k graduation requirements.

I'm sure one of the admin fairies will clarify shortly.

Well done runner.


Congratulations! And great news that it has impacted positively in other areas of your health too. Well done :)

Well done you what a fantastic success story. Keep running and posting and letting us all know how you get on. All Week 9ers are an inspiration as it proves it can be done.

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