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Week 9 Run 1


I survived the first one! Yeah!!! How I did it considering I hate the music selection for this week I have no idea. About the only part of the music I like is the last 60 seconds! Completely zoned out of the music otherwise I don't think I would have made it. I am going to have to make my own music selection for the 30 minute run, no way will I make it on that selection. If I try and put up with it for the last two runs then my own music for the 30 minute runs it is. Any good suggestions for running to rock music, indie music or maybe some metal music. I was hoping to listen to week 9 for a couple of weeks before switching out one of the runs with a stepping stone podcast once a week once graduated. But that music has to go!

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Try some african beats.

charthedreamerGraduate in reply to suali

i like shakira, I have no idea how to pronounce or spell their name but the heinz beans advert song group no offense meant. I grew up on a staple of we didn't start the fire billy joel, footloose, queen, prince, abba and eye of the tiger. Creedance clear water, then I found three days grace.

I think it was Curlygurly2 or Irishprincess who recommended jog.fm for playlists you can tailor to your speed. Failing that there are quite a few of us who wallow in our love of cheesy music. Beach Boys, ELO, Roxette, The Scorpions an endless fromagerie to help you run

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