Well, came down to earth with a bump this morning! After completing week 8, run 3 of the programme last night in the heat, (just 3 more runs to go!) achieving a distance of 3.27km in the 28 minutes I was talking to some work colleagues this morning, and one of them mentioned that she was taking part in a 5k run this weekend. Another one of the colleagues (who is an experienced runner, and who didn't know I am doing the C25K programme), said, 'oh that will be easy, and should be achieved in less than half an hour, even people who have never run before and who are very unfit should do it in less than half an hour'! I felt deflated, and had to say that I was near the end of the programme and no-where near 5k, but still very proud of what I have achieved!

Her comment has just left me rather down now!

Any support welcomed!


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  • I would say ignore that comment. As you run for longer you will become a little faster but everyone runs at their own speed. Look how far you have come and to be running 28 minutes alone is a great achievement. So carry on with the plan, reach your 3x 30 minutes and hold your head up high ๐Ÿ˜

    Any consultation I'm still not able to run 5k in 30minutes yet, but I will get there in my own time x

  • Thanks for that..... I did say to her this morning, that I was proud of what I have achieved, and gone from being puffed out after running for 1 minute, to be able to run non-stop for 28, in 8 short weeks. I just think as an experienced runner she has forgotten how hard it is at the start of this running lark!

    Thanks again

  • No worries ๐Ÿ˜

  • Ignore them and remember why you are doing and for whose benefit. Some people tend to engage their mouth before their brain and make comments which tend to crush people and put them off doing any form of sport/exercise. You have done well just don't compare yourself to them and do it your way

  • Thank you, I am proud of what I have achieved in 8 short weeks, and I need to see that that should be all that matters! One more week till graduation!!!

  • There you go as I said to Mcfitty once remember Frank Sinatra and do it your way. Keep it up just enjoy what you have achieved so far and what you will achieve next week

  • I will be singing 'my way' during my week 9, run 1 now! Ha Ha!

  • Sing it at work as well!

  • Ignore them, they are fools. I bet nobody in the world who had never run before could go from absolutely nothing to 5k in under 30 min and survive unscathed.

    You're doing brilliantly and we are all here to cheer you on. Listen to us, we're the ones who know what it's really about, and ignore mouthy twits who shouldn't be able to run at all if they keep opening their mouths and sticking their feet in like they have just done. Rant over ;)

  • Thank you for your vote of confidence.... Makes me very proud, such great support on here!

  • I have now been running for just on 3 years - my logbook shows that I have run almost 3000 klms in that time - I have run two half marathons in around the 2hours 30 minutes time . BUT - I have only ever run one 5K under 30 minutes in all that time!! :)

  • What a load of tosh! Yes, I think they've forgotten what it's like to start from nothing, or maybe they never have - if they've always been an athletic sort they will have no idea what it's like to be literally a couch potato and train your whole body to be more active.

    There is no way I would be likely to run 5k in under 30 minutes, however, it took me over a year to get to running for 30 minutes, longer to get to 5k, it's over 3 years since I started this programme, I have now completed several 10k's and am training for my first 10 miler, what would she say to me? Give up? Don't bother?

    You are doing it for you remember, we're all different, some us will be 'racers' some of us not, but you're a darn sight healthier and I suspect happier than if you did nothing and stayed on that couch!

    You go girl!


  • Thanks Madge for your support, you have me almost in tears now! I will remember your comment 'you go girl' for my next run.... (Wk 9! Hooray!)

  • sorry, forgot to say, well done to you as well for getting so far! (10 miler coming up!) An inspiration to me!

  • Thanks, well I've surprised myself really, I am slow, and I did used to say 'anything that I need extra food or a toilet break for is too long' , but here I am currently experimenting with gels/jelly babies, got a 'fuel belt' - with two water bottles, hopefully I won't need the toilet break! ๐Ÿ˜, it will take me at least 2 hours to do 10 miles - and I won't be the slowest.

    The one key but of advice I would give is slow down, if it seems hard go slower, if it's still hard slow down some more, keep the running action, keep your head up.

    You've got one hand on that graduation badge, settle back relax, stretch that other arm out and take that badge!

    I look forward to reading your graduation post ๐Ÿ…


  • I would be very surprised if 'even people who have never run before and who are very unfit should do it in less than half an hour'. I've finished c25k and even before I tore my calf I couldn't do that! Let it go and crack on. She was just unthinking.

  • Some people are just plain arrogant! You have done marvellous, and how ridiculous to say even an unfit person could run for 5k within half an hour. If we could we wouldn't bother with a nine week programme. We'd all get our shoes on and chase out the door, not to mention injuries!! Glad she didn't say that to me. Lol, rant over ๐Ÿ˜ƒ

  • Ignore those comments, seriously, I have never done a sub 30 5k and never will. I run at a easy 11 - 12 min pace and do fine.

  • Well, put it very simply, your "experienced runner" colleague is completely wrong.

    Yes, (almost) everybody can achieve an under-30min 5km but it is not something that you can simply do right off the couch; it requires a certain level of fitness and training.

    Either your colleague is much less knowledgeable than you think or she was blathering. Don't listen to her, don't let her words affect you and enjoy your runs.

    If you want (and you put into it the necessary effort) you too can run 5km in under 30min... but remember that not all runs are races and there is nothing wrong in a slow enjoyable run.

    Happy running!

  • What a load of old codds !

    Ignore it Mand, don't let it get you down . You are doing brilliantly and don't you forget it ! :-) xxx

  • It took me 41 minutes to complete my first Parkrun. I lovedit!

  • Hey, mine was 41 minutes as well! I was really pleased with that, just one week after finishing week 9

  • I'm going for my third Killerton Parkrun this Saturday. Everyone there is SO nice! No one gives a stuff about your time (though some are obviously quite keen to improve their own). I'm thinking of volunteering. Anyone had any experience?

  • I have volunteered, I love it, being a slower runner I love encouraging everyone, but mostly those that are slower, it means so much to me that someone encourages you on.

    They will be very welcoming and usually you start off with a marshal role, they won't ask you to do anything you're not comfortable with- give it a go, you'll love it

    Love parkrun ๐Ÿ˜„


  • As everyone says - ignore - I run at about your speed and am very happy there ๐Ÿ˜€ When I get more experienced and fitter I will expect to improve on speed but not for a long while yet

    You have done brilliantly to get this far and we are all different

    Enjoy and be proud - really bloody proud - of what you have achieved so far - you are almost at your graduation run and I bet you didn't believe you would achieve that back at the start

    You are a runner ๐Ÿƒhold your head up high and go get Week 9 ๐Ÿ˜€

  • That's rubbish! Keep away from those people! They don't really know and just spread misinformation. Your doing great! don't be disheartened and stop thinking about times and just concentrate on getting to graduation, consolidate 30 min runs then you can work to 5k still not worrying about times, and consolidate those, and your times may start to come down naturally..

  • I know what you mean, someone once told me the jogging speed on a treadmill which for me would be a sprint!! It left me very disheartened and doubt that I'm really running. I try to remind myself that I've changed a lot over the course of the program and I'm no longer out of breath walking up the stairs.

    Try to remind yourself of what fantastic progress you've made and you can run for 30 minutes!!

  • Nothing to add to all these useful comments really. Do what you can, don't worry if you have to walk some of it. But above all enjoy it! Then you will want to go back for more. I haven't managed to fit in a second Park Run yet, but looking forward to it

  • Your experienced running colleague would do well to be more humble and google 'age grading'.

  • I agree - ignore them ! What they are saying is complete nonsense. Trying to run too fast too quickly leads to injury not acheivement. You are doing great. Try not to compare to others and stay focused on what is right for you. I am yet to run a 5k in under 30 mins several months after graduation.

  • Oh mand3966, you run a lot faster than I did in week 8!

    Don't let a careless remark get you down. You are doing brilliantly. I still run incredibly slowly. I would be at the tail end of any park run but I can keep going, and going! Every run you do is adding to your fitness and what you have achieved is amazing.

    Head up, chest out... you're in Graduation week now :)

  • Ignore,ignore,ignore and stick to the plan and running at your own pace. You will reap the rewards if you stick at it! One of my work colleagues said she ran 5k in 'about 20 minutes'. This I very much doubt as she is overweight, always trying unsuccessfully to diet and does not run regularly. There are plenty of big mouths in my office but unfortunately there seems to be an inverse correlation between size of gob and size of achievement๐Ÿ˜‚

  • Love your last sentence! Did make me laugh! Thank you!

  • Geez, what a way to knock your confidence ๐Ÿ˜ˆ

    From your stats and your time I will disagree. You are doing fabulous!!!

    Please ignore any over comments from her, you be proud ๐Ÿ˜‰

  • Put no pass on the "I'm sooooo cooool and polished" poseur. Doesn't all the fun we have weigh the scales the other side of that ? : )

  • Those speedy folks - let them have their sub-30 runs. I've only managed it once in 2+ years of running and I'm not convinced it wasn't a technical GPS glitch.

    For some people it comes so naturally to run easy and fast. She probably doesn't realize how tough it is for some folks and likely meant no harm. Naturally speedy isn't the majority of us. Be proud of your time. If you saw our local 5k races you can see everything from around 16 minutes to over an hour with walking, running and everything in between.

  • It's hard not to let those snide comments get to you isn't it? I remember when I was doing C25K someone said to me my running wasn't running it wasn't even walking pace.. He also told me how could swim 4 KM in 40 mins - more than twice as fast as me. Well I went swimming with him, he pushed off from the wall, and I thought crikey that's fas....oh dear he's sunk! Seriously I thought I would have to give him the kiss of life! He doesn't run any more either. Some people get their kicks from putting others down.

    My first 5K took me over 48 mins, I have only once in two and a half years done under 35. Do I care? Have a guess! I love my running, I get fresh air and exercise, and see so much of where ever I am. Keep in your head whatever it is running does for you, and sod the negative people!

  • Thanks for all your very supportive replies! So many of you have taken the time to answer, I feel honoured, and part of a very special group! I have taken all you have said to heart, and going to tackle week 9 run 1, tonight, and even decided to take on my nemesis of a hill which takes me 10 minutes to walk up (I timed it on my way to work this morning), and use half of it as my 5 minute warm up walk, and the other at a VERY slow jog, I am determined to conquer it!

    Thanks again, bring on WK 9!!!!!!

  • As everyone else has said ignore, Ignore, IGNORE. They know nothing, they don't know your body YOU do. Listen to it and know you've done your best and will get fitter, stronger and faster!! Enjoy your graduation run!!

  • Thank you! Just completed wk 9 run 2 last night! Graduation run on Wednesday night! Bring it on!

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