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W8R1 Complete

Almost became a practice run, but I did it! Seem to have lost my running mojo though, which is sad. Definitely not enjoying the runs as much as I used to, but I don't know if that's because of my side? It's playing up more than it was in the earlier weeks which definitely detracts from the excitement/enjoyment of the run. Ho hum. Hopefully things improve :)

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Well done on the run and getting this far. What's wrong with your side?


I have a chronic pain in my right side of unknown cause, just above my hip and alongtowards my groin - basically where the appendix is, but I've been sent to hospital twice for it and they've ruled out appendicitis. I've had it for the last 18 months, and it affects my day to day life in that I cant stand or sit for long periods, and basically means on bad days I can barely walk or move much at all I'm in so much pain. I started Couch to 5k to try and get fitter and because I wanted to do something for myself? My side stops me from doing lots of things and it was sort of an "Eff you" to it to try and run for 30 minutes, plus because it was a gradual increase I hoped it might be Ok, but it seems to be resenting the long runs now :/


Gosh that sounds horrible. Have you had a scan? Hats off to to you for starting the programme and for getting so far. It can't be easy with that pain.


It's not much fun, no. I've had a fair few ultrasound scans yeah, as well as an X-ray and MRI of my hips (to check if it was displaced pain from my hip), but no joy. Gynae as well as Gastro have had a prod and a check, but they can't find anything wrong/anything which might be causing the pain, so tis all a bit of a mystery at the moment. Just waiting for my pain management appointment now, to see if they can do anything to help :)


Hi, I don't know whether it might be stitch you're struggling with? A more experienced runner gave me a couple of tricks to try that might help you, as I got this as I went further into programme, back in the day, if it is.

Try changing the 'leading leg' - sort of skip now and then. Sounds a bit wierd, but we do tend to 'strike off' on the same leg apparently, which can lead to sidedness sort of tensions.

Raise arms high above head a few times (while running) thinking of stretching through your torso.

Also eating anything too 'serious' within an hr before didn't help, so if I need pre run fuel, stick to just a banana or similar.

Possibly heard these all before, but you have my sympathies anyway. Keep smiling and 'smile' your mojo back if all else fails! 😁


Thank you for the advice :)

Unfortunately it's definitely not a stitch - wish it was as then it would actually get better 😅

I have a chronic pain condition of unknown cause which means I get severe pain in my right side, just above my hip. It basically means that I find walking or standing too long very painful, and on bad days I can barely walk/move much at all I'm in so much pain. I started Couch to 5k because I wanted to get fitter and do something for me, not because my side dictated it (which it already does for so many things now). I was hoping that the gradual increase would help my side get used to the movement/mean it didn't get too bad, but it seems to be resenting the longer runs now so IDK :/ Currently stuck at work with my Mum because I can't drive home, which I suspect is from the run last night, so... Yeah. IDK.


Bless you - I'm so sorry for bulldozing on with irrelevant advice especially when you would obviously love it to be so simple to fix :-(

Amazing that you're taking your freedom in your hands and I truly hope your persistence will be rewarded, even if you have to take much tinier steps than the plan prescribes to see the benefit.

You really deserve an easier deal when battling chronic pain 😞

Perhaps your journey on c25k will uncover some keys to your problem and help in that way, but for now, be kind to yourself while you recover this bout and know that everyone is standing waiting to support, wishing you well enough to try again - however many times x


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