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What to wear when raining?


I still want to go running when it's raining, anyone recommend a waterproof coat that's breathable so it doesn't stick to me too much? Fairly light weight would also be great.

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Forgot to say don't really want to pay more than £30 and a hood would be great



Any use? I have a Ron Hill lightweight breathable showerproof one...no hood,, I wear a cap :)

OldflossAdministrator in reply to Oldfloss

Gonna order one for me at this price.. loving the funky colours!

SueKenGraduate in reply to Oldfloss

Oh no - just ordered one too! And the LED light to go with it ready for the darker nights....

TheziggyGraduate in reply to Oldfloss

That is a really great price!

I don't see the point in sumer in wearing a coat to keep rain off that will make you sweat inside it, tbh

OldflossAdministrator in reply to Rignold

Me neither... But the Ron Hill I have keeps me dry outside ( light rain shower only)... and dry inside too.. .so I'm obviously moving too slowly to sweat! Yep, that would be right.. completely odd and totally weird :)

Mummyb2012 in reply to Rignold

Yes that's true, hadn't thought of it that way


Enjoy the rain, it's a welcome relief from being cooked in the sun

Our skin is waterproof 🙂



I wore mine tonight but it came off soon into the run,as like Rig says it turns into a sauna when It's warm. I tied it round my middle and put it back on for the walk home . Mine is hooded, light weight, rain resistant, and cost £6.99'from Aldi. I've had it for ages and wear it a heck of a lot 🙂 I have an Aldi run cap too


Being in Ireland we are somewhat experts in rain - at least 40 different types and counting (all with different names!!!)

Light(ish) rain doesn't bother me - in fact most jackets that claim to be water resistant will cope with that.

Downpours and cloud busters are another matter entirely. I have tried a few options - e.g. cycling jacket = rainproof but very sweaty. I'd guess for complete rainproof and breathability you are talking big money

I remember walking on a beach with my older brother when it suddenly started to pour. He just calmly stripped down to his boxers and rolled his clothes up into a tight bundle - he got wet but his clothes didn't! As Rignold says - we are waterproof.

My big issue with running in the rain is that running shoes are now perforated so let water in - and I don't like running in squelching shoes!!

I tend to run in the rain without a coat, we can only get wet the once. I ran in a waterproof once & got really sweaty & hated it, I would rather run the rain.


I love running/walking/dancing in the rain. It's only water and is so uplifting. It makes me feel more alive


I wear the same thing to run in pretty much regardless. If it is really hot I'll be more comfortable in capri length leggings and short sleeved t shirt but otherwise it is cotton leggings and cotton long sleeved t shirt whether it is minus 10 with snow on the ground, pouring with rain or a sunny 20 degrees. The only thing that changes is the number of buffs worn.

One of the most disagreeable runs I ever had was when someone gave me a running rain jacket. I'd suggest spending your money on something else (Buffs???)


I am another that prefers wet skin to wet clothes but I run in a swimsuit (plus shorts) anyway!


Started c25k at Christmas temperature - 4 wearing tee shirt, shirt and fleece gradually shed clothing

only tried waterproof once but felt I was melting

Just keep something dry to sit on for the drive home

Keep going

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