"What to wear" time of year!

Ran early this morning and thought it might be pretty cool. Put on my long sleeved top and my snood with long tights, should be fine! It was fine at first but soon realised it was mild, didn't need my snood and as for long sleeves, should have worn something cooler. Too late now because I am out. As I was five minutes from home, it started raining and my glasses were steaming up. Decided to put my snood on my head to soak up the rain drops and keep my hair dry - what to do LOL!


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  • Oh dear I cannot help but I have some of the same problems. My glasses steam up as soon as it starts raining so I end up carrying them as I cannot see where I am going. I have bought winter tights but decided not to use them yet and not until it's much colder

  • I have a hat and running gloves and last winter, loved wearing those! It has to be very cold though. I used to run without glasses but a couple of trips taught me to wear them. Even managed to stumble wearing them! No serious injuries, kinda funny having a grazed knee at 52!

  • Do you have contacts? I don't use them often, but on long, unfamiliar runs I put them in. Otherwise my face gets so sweaty my glasses keep falling down my nose.

  • No I don't wear contacts. Best thing I have found is wearing a running hat with my glasses under that, holds them nicely. Otherwise, same as you, keep pushing them up my nose!!

  • I'm still wearing Capri pants cos I am still getting quite hot , saving tights until it's really cold . I find my running top with a running long sleeve top that I can take off and tie round my waist if I get to warm helps me . I have a head buff that I can use as a band across my ears if it's windy or change to a hat if it chucks it down or it's really cold .

    All sounds very complex :-) but I am loving Autumn running rain , drizzle , sunshine , wind the lot !

  • Me too, I did C25K through the winter and had many slippy, sloshy muddy runs! Miss cleaning my trainers but sure the time is fast approaching. Might treat myself to a head torch this winter as I do like running in the dark. Mind you, I did run through a dark alley about a month ago and didn't see the raised Tarmac where a tree root was growing. Over I went, slid on the floor and my glasses flew off - managed to find them in the dim light. Jumped up pretty quick before someone saw me. So many adventures while running, will be 53 soon too - tee hee!

  • Evening

    Unfortunately I cannot advise on glasses.

    But I have learn t over the years is that you need to start any period of physical activity cold.

    If you start with sufficient layers to be warm, depending on your physiology and activity, within 5-10 minutes you will start to over heat.

    Even on the colder days when I commute the twenty mile round trip to work, I mostly wear shorts, as you need somewhere for the heat you generate to escape.

    Modern sports geat is based on layers, which allows you to remove a layer if youget warm/hot as long as you are sensible.

    I rarely wear a water proof cycling or running as I will either get wet via rain or get soaked by perspiration.

    I hope this makes sense?


  • Total sense! I like to wear layers when it is cold and then by the time I approach home, I have several things tied on my running belt! I think you are right, go out cold, I will remember that. I never got to shorts even in summer but capris are good and as I often run in the woods or on tracks, I need protecting from the stinging nettles

  • Made the mistake of running once recently with long tights but overheated so quickly. As a result I'm still running in shorts and we've been down to 6 degrees. Will dip into the long fall tights once it hits zero, and the winter tights once we're at negative double digits.

  • I am a bit of a softie. I don't like to overheat but little things like gloves, running hat, neck snood are comforting so I can't wait to get them out. Planning a head torch so I can run in the dark ๐Ÿ˜€

  • I check the weather forecast obsessively! 12C and over means short sleeves/vest top, and shorts or capris, Under 6C is long sleeves and tights. I can warm up by running but I can't run at all if I'm too hot.

  • I wore a short sleeved t shirt and long tights today, perfect!!

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