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Started couch 2 5k today

I started this morning, I even started in the pouring rain I was that determined to start. I won't lie I am extremely unfit, I won't lie i found it extremely tough but it was oddly enjoyable and even though today was merely the start I am a little proud I have started.

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Good for you! Slow, steady,! Keep going. Never quit 😃💪✔️


Well done for starting. It is oddly enjoyable isn't it? Stick with the programme and you will look back in a few weeks and be amazed how far you have come. It still amazes me that I went from struggling to run for 1 minute to running for 40 minutes in just 9 weeks.!!


You should be proud - we're all proud of you. The vast majority of us on here had - and still have - a lot in common with you. The hardest part is starting the programme - once you've started it gets a bit addictive and even when you have a bad run, come on here and tell us and we'll put things into perspective - I've done that more times than you can imagine. When I started back in April I couldn't even run for a minute. Hugely overweight (still am) and massively unfit, after 45 seconds my lungs were on fire and I seriously couldn't breathe. I kept going with the incredible support form some of the legends on this forum. It's taken me a lot longer than 9 weeks but I graduated last week. You will too. Stick with the programme, be proud of yourself everytime you go out for a run - even if it's a bad one - and keep on moving forwards. And the best thing about this forum is that when you've had a great run and you're justifiably proud of yourself, we'll all share that pride and happiness.

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Be proud! You got out and did it! You were more proactive than every couch critic. I know you will make it mate, you are made of good stuff just like the rest of us on here🏃


thanks for the words of encouragment. ive plodded on with a rest day between runs did the first of week 2 yesterday still finding it abit hard but then again i probably havent done any excercise for 20 odd years.but i still enjoy it so far.


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