Today I started couch to 5k!

Well I've been trying to start out running for a while now and after failing each time I started to research and found couch to 5k! :)

Did my first run today usually I try and avoid anyone seeig me when exercising, there were two people up the field but I did it anyway (this may not be a big deal to some people but working out infront of people is a massive issue).

My legs are aching now and I got a few stitches during but I am so excited about this! I really hope I can do it!

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  • Well done! I totally get what you mean about exercising in front of people, I was exactly the same. On days when I have a bad run I feel my self-conscious demons returning...but more often then not I don't give a hoot - and sometimes - like tonight - feel like I look like a proper runner ! Congratulations on starting......I'm one week away from finishing, I too have tried to jog/run before and failed miserably. But this plan is amazing and really really works! 8 weeks ago I hated exercise - now I'm completely addicted to running and it's all I think and talk about! Looking forward to seeing your progress on here.

  • Thank you!! Even running on the path next to the road I feel too self conscious to do at the moment (and the people driving past only see you for seconds!! Haha). I'm only 21 and I'm ashamed that I'm so unfit! I guess I just don't want people thinking the exact same thing if they see me run (or try too) haha.

    Well done!! Wow you guys already amazing with the support thank you for the replies! I hate exercise at the moment, I'm excited about this because it seems achievable though! Hopefully one day I'll love it x

  • You can do it, YOU CAN!!!! Everyone here has been in the exact same position and knows just how you feel. Stick with it and trust in Laura - she'll see you through (look forward to the week when she tells you you're officially a runner!!). This forum will be very supportive and we'll look forward to hearing how you are getting on. Best of luck!

  • Thank you guys! X

  • I can so understand how you feel - started with Laura about 3 months ago and have always been so self conscious of exercise but this time remembered what my darling dad used to tell us as kids - as long as you're not hurting or harming anyone, don't worry what other people think of you. So I set off, with my extra 3 stone jiggling about and my face turning beetroot and have loved every podcast since. And yes, it IS a big thing, you've taken the first step at doing something positive for you which is fantastic. Enjoy your running and let us know how you get on :)

  • well done you for starting, it just gets better and better, easier and easier and before you know are a runner, we all started out exactly the same and have all had a journey and a half, so along with Laura, we are all here for you, happy running :-)

  • PS you will do it x

  • These folks are so right. I'm doing week 5 & if I'm honest I'm still very self conscious but last night I was just finishing my 2nd 5 min run when this lovely dog walker gave me a great big smile & said "well done". I think he thought that I had finished because I had started walking. He made me smile a very big smile & although my face was very red, now it was even redder (I blush easily). These people on here know it's do able because they've done it & they know how exciting it is because that's how they felt. They are really keeping me going & they'll keep you going too. Good luck - you'll love it. Don't give up - I almost did this week but I'm glad I didn't.

  • well done for getting started. You certainly can do it, just listen to Laura, take it easy and be gentle on yourself.

    I hated people to see me run too, and I used to run in circles at the park, so that people wouldn't see me out on the streets, but in just a few weeks I was running tow paths and circuits from my house. When I did my first run of week 1 I didn't think I'd get to the end of 9 weeks. Within 5 or 6 months I was running from one town to the next!

    Get ready to become addicted. Perhaps this isn't a good time to mention ;-)

    Good luck!

  • well done for starting!! I am a similar age to you and like you I couldn't believe how unfit I was! I am only 2 weeks ahead of you (Week 3 ATM) and it definitely gets easier and you get fitter! Keep up the motivation (I have to admit I have nearly lost it a few times) and it is ok to swear at Laura!! :) Let us know how you get on!

  • Hi. How did you get on with run 2 just finished mine and decided that after stretching which I didn't do after the first run I soaked the quads in a hot bath. Hope you got on ok

  • I'm just about to go on run three! :) I got on ok with run two, I found it harder work than the first time because I started running on the path which is really uneven and there's lots of steep hills(village paths are truly terrible)!! And got more tired..I found it better at the same time though because you can see how far you're running instead of just running loops on the field and if its harder work more calories are burnt right? ;) so i'm staying with the path from now on. I also had a hot bath after haha. How did you get on?

  • Yes it was ok the muscles coped fine although the stairs will probably seem quite a long way up tonight. But I agree I was more tired but it was raining and I decided to do laps of the cricket field which brought back memories of hideous PE lessons at school. So for number three I am going back down the lane the same as run 1. It is a bit more undulating but nothing approaching a hill. Well done. When are you of on the first of week 2?

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