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Starting couch to 5k today!

I am starting C25k today, with my 10 year old son. He saw some Marathon runners, when we were in London, at the weekend and says he wants to do it!

I suggested we start with the 5k Big Fun Run in September.

We are both overweight and I am really unfit.

My question is, do we sign up for the race now, to give motivation or wait and see how we get on with C25K?

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I think with everything it is worth having a goal, target or deadline. If you say you are going to do it 'one day' then you can easily put things off for 'another day'.

When you set yourself a goal you always have something to work towards, and the sense of achievement you have when you get there is all the more rewarding.

It is like saving up for something you really want. If you could just go out any but it straight away it is never as special as the build up and the anticipation.

I vote go for it!

All the best for your running journey :)


Sorry, typo, *buy it


I think you should sign up for the fun run in'll be amazed how quickly you progress on this program...good luck to both of you and have fun ! :):)


Good idea, you will both be ready for that fun run by september.


How great to be doing it with your son- let us know how you get on ! I would definitely sign up- being part of a race is huge fun and you will both get a great sense of achievement from it... trying to persuade my 13 year old at the moment but I don't think she wants to be seen running with her rather bright red sweaty mum!


If it's a fun run, you will find loads of people entering wouldnt have done any training and end up walking the entire race after the first half a km.

I started c25k as a morbidly obese couch potato. Every week is tough, but the gradual improvement is visible very soon and very quickly.

If you have to repeat a few weeks you will still be ready in time. You will be surprised by several things:

i) you can do it

ii) how some things that seemed impossible only a few weeks ago are now within your grasp.

iii) Every run for every week requires you to just push a little bit harder. Your body responds by allowing you.

iv) the battle in your mind is as hard as the battle with your body.

I have come to the conclusion if i can do it, anyone without some kind of debilitating medical condition can do it.


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