Any diabetic runners?

I'm a diet controlled type 2 diabetic with ninja contol :) I follow lchf and have been experimenting with what to eat before a run. If I run fasted then my bg stays level but not sure my performance is as good. If I have 100g of strawberries and a mug of bone broth then my running is easier but my bg at least doubles during the run.

Are there any other lchf runners who have found what works for them to fuel runs. Am going to try the park run fasted tomorrow and then next week try a helping of carbs,around 30g (this is my whole daily total normally) to see how that goes.


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  • I am type 2 and a veggie. I used to be quite well controlled with lchf but not anywhere as strict as 30 gms per day. Sadly, my control and will-power has slipped so I must get back on the carb-free wagon.

    How long have you been a type 2 and on lchf???

  • I have been lchf on and off for a few years. Had a scare with my eyes. 18 months ago so decided to pull my finger out and just do it. Lost a lot of weight with controlling calories and am now off insulin and am diet controlled. I run low with my bgs now which took a long time getting used to after being so concerned all the time with not going hypo on insulin. I range from high 2,s to low 4,s. If I run on food I go up to around 8 which isn't too high but high for me. Its really hard sticking to the lchf and I do slip but my eyes are worth it.

  • Hi LemonieJ

    High 2s and 3s would all be classed as 'too low' by most doctors and indeed many Type 1s and regarded as 'hypos' - in fact people have been known to go into hypo comas in the low 2s so be careful.

    Congratulations of taking control of your diabetes though - as you say your eyes are worth it. Do you get testing strips on the NHS?

    I know I am going to get my finger out and get back on the lchf - as I have controlled mine with diet and exercise for around 10 years and have only just started slipping.

  • I was wigged out at first with those figures which to be fair have taken a while to come down to. I spoke to my Dn who said that as I am on no medication that it is not possible for me to go hypo and my body will find its own level. If I up my carbs then I get a high after a meal but then settle low again in between.

  • Fine - it is obviously working for you. As regards Drs and diabetes - they get half an hour training about diabetes during their degree. They are not experts. As for being impossible to go hypo without medication as a type 2 - it is very possible and does happen.

    Anyhow onwards and upwards lemonieJ

    Average BG levels for a non diabetic are between 4 and 6.

  • My Dn is good but my doctor is an idiot. Last time I went she told me I was no longer diabetic! I explained that the only reason my figures were good was because I controlled them through my diet. If I eat carbs I spike straight away. Its like saying an alcoholic is no longer alcoholic if they don't drink.

  • Yip, my HbA1c figures have all been in the non-diabetic range but only through strict(ish) control.

  • Hi, I'm also type 2 diet controlled. Nominally lchf but lapsed a bit recently. I don't worry about eating before runs as its only 30-35 mins and I usually run in the evenings (except Parkruns). I did discover recently that if I ate a small good quality ice cream after a Parkrun my body coped quite well with it ๐Ÿ˜Š

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