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Any evening/night runners?

So, I've started the C25k programme like 3 times, never getting past week 2 (repeating each week about 2-3 times).

Anyway, I think that late evening might be the best time for me to get out for a run but not sure if I would feel comfortable/safe, especially with earphones in. The route I would usually run goes down quiet roads and through the park. By late evening I mean that I won't be able to go out until about 10:30. My partner works evenings and doesn;t get home until about that time and we have 2 young kids so obviously can't just go out.

Anyone have any tips on going out this late?

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Personally I wouldn't run that late at night. Can't you fit it in at some other time when your partner is at home?


Hello :)

I too am and evening/ night runner. I'm just in from my run now and this is one of the more timely ones! I started running a couple of months ago and got used to running in the dark as at that point it was dark when ever I ran after work. My route too takes me down some quiet roads and alongside a park. The best I can suggest safety-wise is to let your partner know your route and when to expect you back and to stick to areas with street lighting. Also, remember to try and wear something bright or reflective so you can be seen by cars and cheeky cyclists that sometimes are on the pavement.

I have been really surprised by how many other runners, dog walkers and couples are out walking in the evening, I can honestly say in nearly 3 months I have never once felt threatened by my situation. I have a friend who runs with a key between her fingers 'for self defence' but personally the constant reminder of 'danger' would make me feel more rather than less safe.

If you really can't get comfortable could you investigate a 24 hour gym?

Good luck with it :) Emily


I go out running and walking the dog late at night. You sometimes just have to do it because it fits in with your schedule. Try it, you might find you like it better as there probably will be fewer folks about and less obstacles to encounter such as dogs, prams, mobility scooters etc etc. I did end up running down a very dark passageway once and I couldn't see where I was going. I won't be doing that again. I was only scared of running in dog poo rather than the thought that someone might attack me


Whatever time of day you run, it's always best to run with only one earphone in so you can hear the traffic or other people if you feel vulnerable.

I personally wouldn't run that late at night because

(a) where I am the roads are unlit and are very uneven and have 2 foot deep uncovered drainage channels in places so I think I'd do myself some damage.

(b) it would completely throw my sleep pattern.

I have no idea if it would be safe to run at that time late at night from a safety point of view. Do you walk round there late in the evening?

Any chance of you finding a running buddy?


I don't run that late could you go out when your partner comes home that would be better.


Hi, I will probably run much more in late evening/dark because the last two runs in the heat made me wilt! I think it's about balance... the risks are probably low of being attacked, but we know the risks are high of inactivity! I think the advice is good to only wear one earphone, be very visible, and be sure someone knows where you are going... then ENJOY!


Is the early morning an option? It's light at 5am at the moment. Whether you're safe or not in the dark is really about where you live: it wouldn't bother me at all here, but i've lived in some places where I wouldn't have tried it!


My father who was a police officer so someone who might have suffered from vividness bias due to seeing all the rare occasions on which things go badly wrong was very much an advocate of people feeling able to be out and about.

However, much depends on your location. My feeling is that first thing in the morning is likely to work out better long term - not just safety but late night exercise is known to mess with sleep patterns and also if you feel too tired/your partner gets back late/whatever, you've missed the opportunity altogether for that day.

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Oh I like to run ONLY in dark. I have no idea why but my runs in the day time are just not satisfying (I might be a vampire in my previous life:-) but may be because I come from one of the hottest places on earth so I do not like sun on my face. I try to run on well lit places. My route is always the same and not really long and my husband knows that it will take me an hour to get back home. Always run in your neighbourhood as the people you will come across most likely will be familiar faces. Good luck!


Im scared of the day that never was so wouldn't personally go out at that time. But. I am going at 6a.m which I suppose is just the opposite end of the spectrum and some may deem equally as 'unsafe'. I use country lanes and run with one ear only of my ipod so I can hear cars etc.

Whenever you decide to go out enjoy it. But make sure you tell hubby exactly where you are going and an estimate of the time your due back x


I've tried doing it during the day but it just doesn't always fit into our routine, and it's been really hot the last few days so wouldn't be able to go for a run (I really don't take the heat well).

My partner leaves home at 5pm and gets back around 10.30. Might just have to see if i can get him to get up earlier so i can go whilst our eldest is at nursery.


I have the Map My Run app on my phone and I signed up for MVP which allows live tracking. This means my husband can follow me on my run from the computer at home. I also wear an armband with a personal alarm button. Like these ones

Make sure you vary your route as often as you can so that people don't get to know your routine.


I am a night runner as well. I love the quiet. I used run on a school field, but found it was too abandoned for me to feel safe at night. I switched my route to a well-traveled, well-lit path next to the road. Contrary to popular thought, it helps me sleep better to run at night..maybe it's the way that all the anxiety and stress melts away during my run. I see folks walking their dogs, running, and traveling home from evening shift work. Maybe it's unwise, but I don't feel unsafe and I have never had an issue in the two years that I have been doing this path. I even run it during the dead of winter.


I run at night during the week. I don't get time when I get home from work to run before eating and then ideally like to leave it a couple of hours after before heading out on a run, so I don't go until after 10pm. Being a man and running around well lit streets of a small town I've never felt unsafe but as GoogleMe had eluded to I feel I've the right to do so and further, feel safe when I'm doing it (but then I am 6ft 4" and 100kg) and hopefully now thanks to c25k could probably outrun any undesirables anyway!


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