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Any more yo-yo runners out there?


Today I will go out to re-start C5K again in some form, to try and build up my running again. Graduated last summer, then stopped after minor injury broke my pattern, restarted again early this year and stopped April after 2 weeks holiday (when I could have run because loads were and wasn't too hot!). Now starting back again, but hate the fact I cant maintain it-although I actually really enjoying it.

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Kind of, like you I graduated last summer (june or july)

I kept running regularly but in September I had to stop as I was pregnant and sickness and tiredness I didn't have energy to keep up running. By time the sickness better it was 10 weeks later and as the interval too long I thought best to wait. Fast forward to now my baby is a month old. Due to a.caesarian I'm giving myself another couple of.weeks and then im planning to start agqin.

Anyone with any tips? I'm planning to just repeat from beginning. Bit fed up to be back at the start but least I know I can do it


I graduated last year but didn't run for months over the winter (no excuse, just didn't fancy it in the cold and dark - rubbish eh!?) anyway, I started again a couple of months ago but started from week 4. I made it to week 7 then gave up on the podcasts again (sorry Laura, only so much of your music I can take!). I'm now running 5k again and, although I'm still slow, my time is better than when I first graduated. I'm really glad I hadn't lost too much fitness and that I built up my fitness much quicker second time round. Stick with it this time - you might just surprise yourself like I did!


yes- I get into the pattern and then there is a holiday or easter or christmas, or some other break in the normal routine and I have tremendous difficulty getting into my stride again, tried a restart earlier this year and couldn't maintain it, in the end I have decided I will have to do my three runs friday. saturday, sunday to have the best chance of getting them in, planning a restart next friday (as this weekend taken up getting a replacement car), will redo podcasts to make sure I don't overdo it and get an injury as I'm running 3 days in a row.


I've been fortuneate to havehad 2 holidays since February on both holidays I've taken my running gear, I did run the first holiday but this time, almost nada, I just could not get motivated, I had just recovered from an injury and should have been getting out there. Its all a question of mind over matter, but that should be, "matter over mine" cos if you don't get out there its does matter and you will mind when your stamina falls apart. It takes longer to get your fitness back as you get older. Now I just have to practice what I preach!! If you help me I'll help you, good luck.


Thank you all. I did get out for a jog on Saturday and yes I did feel better for it! I did wk3 and most of wk2 back to back, and next one will be probably a wk 3 and 4 together. I did find that I coped with that method last time, but I do only what I think wont cause any injury (knees went last time I had a break!). Kept it up until I reached the 20 minute run and then went back to single sessions

Just have to think of ways to keep going....I think a club may help-but long working days means I will often miss the 5.45 start. Trying to persuade my daughter to run with me, but she says she cant run that slow. :)

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