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Graduated last week, did my first 5k this morning

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in 34 minutes 50 seconds, on the flat. I have to say the final km was a struggle, and I was very glad when I reached 5k and could stop. I suppose there's a certain tension until you've actually done it, a self-doubt as to whether or not you can do it, and how dreadfully slow is your time going to be? Maybe now I can just enjoy running, and gradually increase my pace and endurance. I'm considering joining a local club, as running alone is getting a bit boring. I'm sure it would be more fun running in a bunch, and enjoying some banter! Any observations on this from those who've gone before me?

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Hi johnBlake,

Just back from a 5k run...not as fast as you!!! 36.48 around Regents maybe a good idea to join a club but get a few weeks under your belt...those guys & girls are fast!!!!... I have also downloaded my Parkrun Barcodes & intend doing a parkrun in a couple of this could also be an option....good luck!!!.

During my run this morning a runner flew past me!!!! I was tempted to give chase but common sense prevailed and I carried on at my own pace... happy running. :-D

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JohnBlakeGraduate in reply to adidas1961

Haha! I can beat that! When I was doing a week 1 run, I was almost overtaken by a walker! lol Is Regents Park flat?

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adidas1961Graduate in reply to JohnBlake

no there are some slight elevations which are off path your response.....alot of the advice on this forum says "Take it slow" :-) :-D

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If I can run a 5k in anywhere near that time a week after graduating I will be very very happy.

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Really? I thought it was a bit slow, and consoled myself by remembering I'm 69!

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AndyDGraduate in reply to JohnBlake

Really well done... I'm more than 10 years your junior and I still dream of a 5k time like that :-)

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Aw Well done John, you are doing so, so well . Good for you ! :-) xxx

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well done John, a great time too :D Parkruns seem to be a good option alot do them :D and it is age graded ,what ever that means ( I am 57 ) havent considered running clubs myself , still happy plodding away on my own :D good luck with what ever you do :D

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I think thats a good time at any age! I love being on my own when running & not sure have enough puff for banter but definitely look into parkruns or club if it'll help motivate you

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Thanks, guys! I love the enthusiasm on here, it's one of the motivating things that kept me going. I'll try a Parkrun in a few weeks' time, maybe after Christmas. I'm attracted to the Little Stoke course in Bristol, which is flat. Anyone else use that one? It would be great to meet up with someone else there, possibly 27th December?

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JohnBlakeGraduate in reply to JohnBlake

PS if I don't have the puff for banter, then I'm running too hard! lol

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That is a great running time, well done! Took me a good few months to get <35 mins for 5k - generally manage that on most runs now, which I'm delighted about :).

I'm personally happy running along on my tod - unlikely to find any running buddies for a 6am start atm!

Hope you keep enjoying running, take it steady :) xx

You'll slam it at park run on the age graded scores !!

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JohnBlakeGraduate in reply to

Thank you, Henpen, one day I'll understand that! lol But at the moment age grading is total mystery to me. I guess doing a ParkRun will unfold the mystery!

in reply to JohnBlake

At Parkrun you get a time, a place, and an age graded score. As I understand it they take the world record time for someone your age and use your time to calculate your timed run as a percentage of that. My daughter runs MUCH faster than me in time terms but I am pretty equal to her on the age graded ratings. If you are running sub 35min at age 69 you will get a good age related score.

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JohnBlakeGraduate in reply to

Thanks Henpen, that's starting to make sense.

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Congrats on the great time and your first 5k. It's a great feeling of accomplishment. As soon as I stopped comparing myself with other runners, I began to enjoy racing. As Teddy Roosevelt said, "Comparison is the thief of joy."

I'm in the USA and where I live, we have no run clubs or park runs, so I've learned to enjoy running's my "me" time.

Keep on posting your accomplishments. :)

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JohnBlakeGraduate in reply to ginbin

Thanks, Ginbin! Love your name! lol I'll certainly keep posting. In fact I'm considering doing my first ParkRun this coming Saturday, at Little Stoke. I'm already resigned to coming in well down the field, but when age is taken into consideration I might not be last.

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