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Week 2 is the end for me


I can't believe how upbeat I was during week 1 and the start of week 2 and then I have been defeated by some poxy blisters that have stopped me from running! (please see previous posts)

So upset .. but my feet are still recovering and didn't want to push myself!

Next week should I start where I left off, as in start week 2 again or go straight back to basics?

I am annoyed because I had given myself 9 weeks to do it before my holiday and it won't be completed now :(

Princess B x

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Carry on where you left off, a couple of days wont hurt. You can catch-up up the time if you run every other day rather than x3 per week for a couple of weeks.


Carry on... and take it steady and slow... the runs will still be there :) And, you will feel ready to enjoy them :)

I had to miss a few before I graduated and cut it very fine ,graduating the weekend before Christmas Day!


Don't feel bad. You've already accomplished something and will no doubt go on to accomplish more.

You've had a set back. But we can't measure ourselves by our successes. Only by how we get back up from being knocked down.

I binned off C2PossiblyMaybePerhaps5k program so can't recommend what week you should go to when you resume. If I did I'd be a hypocrite. But I'd encourage you to do whatever works for you personally. Probably ease back in to see how it goes.

As blisters have set you back, I'd recommend you focus on why you got blisters. I very much doubt it's an inherent problem in your skin. Much more likely is its your shoes or socks. It goes without saying that what you wear needs to be comfortable for what you're doing.

Agree with WhatsApp and oldfloss, carry on where you left off, just do it slow slow slow. Remember Mr Johnson says glide don't bob. Gliding means a really light jog, so you don't use lots of energy and put weight on your poor tootsies. No one is holding a stopwatch....

So you finish during your holiday? what does it matter. You will still be finishing and still be on holiday. I recall someone recently finishing their W9 while on a cruise and it being the perfect graduation.


Princess, I hope the blisters and ankles are improving..start back where you left off, and I take it your feet are good in your running shoes, no sliding around, and fit well?😊


Don't give yourself deadlines like that. It's a sure way to make success feel like failure. Or make you push yourself and get injured. If you need to rest, rest. Blisters need to be properly better before you run again. Week 9 will be waiting for you whenever you get there.


I have not followed your blister saga, but many running shops sell "no blister" socks, as well as Aldi and Lidl. Sort that part out before moving on, or you will be stopped again. Do your shoes fit?

I ran the whole programme on alternate days, apart from a lull in the middle somewhere, which does mean you can complete the plan a week quicker.


I was stopped in my tracks by a blister the other week. I never felt it while I was walking but it was agony when I tried to run. I had to drive home and stick a plaster on it and go again. it was fine with the plaster on though and the run was saved

I put a smear of plaster on blisters and leave them be. Then when it's show time, stick a plaster on

I use the Co-op own brand ones as they are thin. Never get screwed up or come off though

I hope you can get your feet sorted out sharpish and get back on with the programme. Good luck

How are the blisters coming along? Or rather have they gone yet? Hope you're feeling in good shape soon

Hi Jan, thanks for checking in.

The blisters have gone, but so has my motivation :(

I know it's no excuse, but have been so busy lately and am about to start a new job so have had other things on my mind! I start next week so hopefully once I am in and settled and in a new routine, I will be able to pick this up again!

It is a shame because I did really want to enjoy the challenge, and complete it in a set time and I think I set myself too unrealistic goals that completely thwarted my experience!!

Hopefully you'll see me posting in the near future...maybe you'll have graduated by the time I get round to starting again! Good luck!! x

good luck with the job and hope you get back to a routine that works - rooting for you to come back here and post again when its all back to normality!


I was halted by blisters too ... bought ´proper' socks. Had to take 5 days off.. stuck on a load of plasters and went back out. Carried on where I left off. It was possibly the best run (shuffle really) yet! Wk 6 run 2. Cant say I enjoyed it, but hated it less then usual... !


I am in boatish. Really enjoyed week one. Last run was fine got home and knee started to ache. Has felt painful all weekend. Can't run tonight hoping it will be better by end of week I really want to run.

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