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Repeating w7


Well I'm back on it now determined to complete w7 by next Thursday. For the last two weeks I haven't quite achieved the 25 min runs consistantly. I've managed 22mins with short walking breaks then continued to 25mins and parkruns but not 25mins none stop. Today I did 26 mins (did extra min to compensate for a 30sec break mid run). But it's still so tough. General feeling of exhaustion after 10 mins in and really having to did deep to keep going. Surely this will get better??? Even my hubble has said look at how far I've come as 5 weeks ago I struggled completing 5 mins consistantly but I still feel frustrated and a little deflated I can't get 25mins under my belt comfortably. Did anyone else feel like this with the longer runs...any advice greatly appreciated

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I am also finding week 7 tough, after doing 25 minutes fairly easily at the end of week 6 I am now a bit miffed that I am finding it so tough.

We have to remember though that we have dramatically increased our amount of running over the last month so it will take awhile for us to be comfortable with that distance.

Every run you complete is making you stronger :) Just keep persevering

Thankyou. I think I do forget sometimes like you say how much we have increased our times in the last month. I keep looking at that last graduation run and thinking I'm not going to make it feeling like this. I need to have more faith in myself and in the programme to get me over this week. Good luck to you too with this week. Thanks

Seems to me that you need to be exercising that essential running muscle- your brain! You have followed the programme so physically you are ready... It's mental attitude that is letting you down. So give yourself a talking to and JUST DONT STOP. Slow right, right down and when the doubts creep in remember what Laura says at some point- If you are finding this tough, that means you are making real gains with stamina. Come on runner. You can do this!*

*Sorry, I seem to have found my inner Sergeant major :)

Haha thanks you are so right. If my husband didn't come with me pushing me (not physically lol) I would give up around 10 mins into a run at the moment. I will use the mantra 'just don't stop' on my next run and get my head in gear. I really need that sergeant major talk at the moment thanks

I wonder, might you feel less pressure if you left you OH at home and ran it in your own time?

Maybe but he does take it at my pace in all fairness . As much as it kills him to go so slow lol. Parkrun on Saturday where I go around on my own as he likes to get a new pb so I will test this theory out then when I repeat another 25 min run. If I complete that I will then move on to week 8 and put those negative thoughts behind me. Thanks

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