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Finished w7 and very proud!

Taken me 6days to get round to w7r3 as had manic week with family and work. Was feeling daunted by prospect of running again and wondered if I had lost momentum and mojo. I've just got back and very proud, not only did I keep running the whole 25mins, I achieved my own mini target I set myself a few weeks so to get 4k in 25mins under my belt!

On a totally different subject, I have just received my free running top I sent off for with special k, and wow what a difference it makes having loosed fit top with proper ventilation and sweat management!

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Looks like you're well on the way now. Graduation looms!

I find that going out for a run is the very best way to deal with many "I've had a terrible day with xxx" situations.


I'd agree with Rob and his Westie that a run does wonders for a bad day. Well done on finishing week 7 despite adverse circumstances and good luck with week 8. Graduation not far off now. Best wishes.


Oh, it looks like we must have been out doing the same run at more or less the same time! :) I found it pretty tough going for some reason - nothing specific, just kept wanting to give up! But kept going, and roll on week 8! We're nearly there!


I was exactly the same after half way through my legs were doing their thing and could have kept going but in my head I kept thinking I just want to stop and still on the benches I run past in the park!! Well done on getting to end of week 7! Good luck x


Yay for you... soon be graduating!


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