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Parkrun tourism

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"Shall I or shan't I" had been running through my head all day. Packed my kit & took it out twice but finally packed it, just in case I feel like it. Still wasn't sure as I arrived at my hotel .....hmmm the hotel has a fitness suite I will run there but then final decision made ....home parkrun apricot t-shirt is put ready with Tikli-boo leggings, parkrun it is then 😁😁

4 Replies
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Good choice. You dither as much as I do! Bet you have a fab foreign Parkrun


Hope you did it. it gets you up for the day...and I live seeing other courses as it is starting to shape the type of running or courses I like. Did a 4 lap course a few weeks ago...thought I'd hate it...but loved it.

Unfortunately, it was "Party in the Park" day so no parkrun. Still, not daunted, I made use of the hotel's gym & had a rather enjoyable hour or so there.

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