Running tourism

I was in Berlin today and in the true tradition of all c25k graduates I wanted to practise a bit of running tourism. My runs over the last 10 days have been a bit of a struggle, I blame it on the weather, but it has been a bit frustrating. So today I wanted no pressure, just to enjoy seeing a new area. My hotel was near the main station, a really perfect spot, right next to the river Spree and near many of the historical and newer landmarks that make Berlin such a great city. It seemed cooler than Munich aswell and less humid. So I was out at 06:15, running along the river, past the Chancellor's Residence and through parks. It was a new experience, there were certainly a lot of runners around which I am definitely not used to. But it gave me a sense of community. And there were a lot of people sleeping rough under the bridges which I also don't see in Munich (but then I don't run near the river). The air was crisp and clear, I took it really easy because I was looking around all the time and consequently I felt as if I could run for ever. My path ran out relatively quickly and I only did 4.1k in 30 minutes, but it was such a beautiful spot and my run was so invigorating that I was on a high all day. It was just FUN!

And when I got back to my hotel there was a runners club meeting up in the reception area (every Wednesday at 7am) for the morning run. Ooh they all looked young and fit, but I walked past them, nodding wisely to my fellow runners, knowing they were admiring the fact I'd already been out! You could see it in their eyes!

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  • Oh yes!!!! Go you...they might be young, fit...but had been out there..before them..and looking fine😏

    Superb...and what a lovely run! ☺

  • Well I wasn't really looking fine, my face was ripe tomato-like (that's how they knew I'd been running). The hotel had a flyer about this club which I looked at the evening before and did briefly consider joining them. But 7am was too late (I wanted to be at work at 8) - well, that's my excuse!

  • Erm aren't you supposed to FIRST run Manhattan THEN you run Berlin ? ;) (sorry could not resist and love that song :) ) On amore serious note - you know how we support new people by telling them 'If it were easy everyone would be doing it' ? Well - it if were as hard on those genetically-favorored bright young things as it is for most of us I can pretty much guarantee they probably wouldn't be doing it ;) Don't sell yourself short ever when it comes to your running - we here know what it cost you to get that title :)

  • That sounds fab! But where's the picture? 🤔

  • The photos I took just don't cut it! Seems my camera lens was fugged up. Good memories for me, but you lot wouldn't be impressed!

  • How cool are you! Being out running, before the young and beautiful! You have really motivated me into doing the same thing, the next time I have a city break.

  • It's really quite fun - I do like exploring new areas, but haven't really been brave enough so far!

  • Love Berlin. Visited many times but in my pre-running life. Next time I go, I'll definitely bring my kit.

  • Oh this post did make me smile. Not only the joy of a good run in a new place but also the admiration of other runners when you got back. They probably thought you'd done a 45min 10k before breakfast! Win win ;) :)

  • If they only knew! But yes, I strutted proudly past them. You do learn to bluff as you get older!

  • Sounds like you had a great run. I was out of Berlin visiting the Ostsee, or we might have met up! Next time maybe!

  • Now that would be interesting as I really am a lone wolf (mostly!). I'm back in Berlin end of September, but don't know if it'll be a running day or not. I might contact you a bit nearer the time!

  • Ha, yes, me too! In any case, I can recommend a couple of other spots in Berlin if you have the time and inclination. The Schloss Charlottenburg park is my haunt, and great to run in!

  • Running tourism is the best! And especially when you can nod casually to a running group on your way back in!! Glad you had such a good time - well done :)

  • How lovely. No better way to see a new place :) Impressing a running club is when you know you've made it!! :)

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